The 12 Best Smartphone Apps for Fitness Buffs

Best Smartphone Apps for Fitness Buffs

With today’s rather frequent mobile phone technology developments, your smartphone continues to evolve, becoming even more involved in your daily activities.

Beyond providing access to social media, fun and engaging games, news, and its usual communication functions, your mobile phone can also help you lead a healthier lifestyle. You just have to know the right apps, features and accessories to use.

So whether you are planning on staying true to your fitness goals this year or starting a new exercise regimen, below are some apps and tools you may want to consider downloading to help you stay in shape. 

1. Zombies, Run!

If you have a reliable Internet package that you can carry around while you run, then this app is for you. Running also becomes more fun as you get closer to completing your mission. There’s a reason why this game is the top health and fitness app in just two weeks on iTunes.

Zombies, Run! isn’t just fun, it allows you to get your sweat on, too.

2. Fitnet

If you don’t have the time to hit the gym, Fitnet is the perfect workout app. The app contains five to seven-minute workouts that’ll help you achieve your fitness goals. Plus, it also uses your camera to measure how closely you are following the moves on the screen.

3. S Health

If you prefer Android over Apple OS and still don’t want to compromise quality, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has its own health and fitness app called “S Health.”  It’s one of the best fitness apps that has a pedometer, calorie counter and a sleep tracker. It also comes with an exercise feature that tracks walk, run, hike, cycle or workout routes.

And, as is common in the Samsung Galaxy range, you have a heart rate monitor on the back of the phone unit. There’s also a nutrition diary with a library of foods to choose from to monitor your food intake. Whether it is sleep, food, exercise and even stress levels, S Health gives you the information you need to stay fit.

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4. Runtastic

Runtastic has the ability to support a variety of wearables. The app supports everything — from Android Wear to Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear series. It also allows you to keep track of your health stats during a workout, and pause directly using the watch screen. With Runtastic, you no longer need to get your phone out while on a run.

5. Motion Traxx

Listening to music adds extra flavor to any workout. Since creating the perfect playlist is tricky, this is where Motion Traxx comes in. The app combines music with world-class trainers to intensify your workout.

6. mySugr

If you want to monitor your sugar intake, mySugr is your diabetes detective. It’s tiring to keep mental notes to track your blood glucose levels. With this app, you have a clearer idea of which food products you need to cut back on.

7. Spotify Running

You probably already have Spotify on your phone. But part of the Spotify app is Spotify Running which measures your pace and selects a song that matches beats per minute. It’s about time that you have music that matches your exercise rhythm.

8. Yonder

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Yonder is the app for you. You simply have to enter your location and find suggestions for biking, hiking, kayaking and skiing, with tips and reviews from fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

9. Daily Yoga

With Daily Yoga, more than 50 yoga classes in HD are within your reach. Each series has a specific focus, from increasing your flexibility to strengthening your core. There’s also a library of more than 500 yoga poses.

10. Happify

This app is like having a gym membership for emotional health. When you open Happify, it’ll prompt you to choose a track that meets your “need of the moment.” Whether you’re looking for some “me time” or want to destress, there is definitely something for you with Happify.

11. Freeletics

If you’re looking for bodyweight workouts, Freeletics has over 900 exercise routines that last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Wherever you choose to work out, you can depend on this app to give you a great workout suited for your fitness level.

12. Fooducate

This app makes your grocery shopping fun. Every time you open Fooducate, you can have a quick read on how healthy each item on your grocery list is. It also keeps track of your mood, sleep and hunger levels.

Other than just carrying your smartphone around, make it an instrument to stay fit and healthy. So make good use of the different smartphone apps, accessories and features above to achieve your fitness goals this year.

And in order to fully enjoy the features of the apps above, make sure you have access to daily Internet on your smartphone.



Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.


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