What You Need To Know About Registrar and Share Transfer Agent in India

Transfer Agent,Share Transfer Agent in India

A Registrar and Transfer Agent is an independent entity registered with SEBI and provides a wide range of services, including statement generation, managing share registries, and facilitating share transfers, among others. It acts as an intermediary between the issuer and the depository to simplify processes like dematerialization, rematerialization, initial public offerings, and other corporate actions.

A SEBI-authorized Registrar & Share Transfer Agent are essential as they have direct or online access to depositories, allowing companies to offer securities or shares in dematerialized form. They serve as a direct point of contact between the security issuer and depositories to handle user transactions.

As per recent legal modifications in the law, it is now mandatory for both listed and public companies to appoint an RTA. Private companies are likely to come under the same requirement soon. Registrars and transfer agents are needed to facilitate various corporate actions such as right issues, bonus issues, preferential allotments, share transfers, and ESOPs, among others.

Many companies, including Amazon, provide contact information for their agents on their websites. In the case of banks, the agent of the RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent) needs to enroll with the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and the bank regulatory agency. There are many such transfer agents in the market, with notable names such as SAG RTA (www.sagrta.com ).

The Roles and Responsibilities of Transfer Agents Include

1. Record Keeping

Transfer agents are responsible for recording and updating shareholders’ names, addresses, contact details, dividend information, and other relevant information. They also maintain and update transaction balances for individual investors. If a shareholder loses a share certificate, the agents handle the case and provide a new one.

2. Interests and Dividends Payments

Transfer agents ensure timely payment of dividends to shareholders and also handle the payment of interest by the specified due date. For taxation, they report dividend and interest payments to the Internal Revenue Service.

3. Providing Certificates for Ownership Changes

When an individual purchases a stock or bond, the transfer agent issues a certificate to reflect the change in ownership. In the event of a stock split or dividend, the agent records and provides the new shares. Ownership certificates are often maintained electronically.

4. Support Services by Professionals

Transfer agents bridge the gap between shareholders and the company by ensuring timely delivery of dividends. They also mail annual reports and audited financial statements to shareholders. Additionally, they assist shareholders by providing materials related to voting rights, roles, and procedures during specific circumstances. If an investor prefers physical stock certificates, the transfer agents can assist in obtaining them.

5. Adhering to the Laws

Transfer agents carry out their responsibilities per legal requirements.

6. Corporate Activities

Transfer agents play a supportive role in corporate actions such as mergers, stock splits, and rebranding. For example, in the case of a merger or acquisition, the agents handle the stock of the acquired company and issue new share certificates following the merger. They also facilitate the transition from a private to a public company, ensuring a smooth initial public offering.

SAG RTA Login-Dashboard Panel Services for Companies in India

The SAG RTA login dashboard offers registered companies quick access to beneficial ownership records, invoice management, ISIN letter creation, and shareholding records. This service facilitates financial insights, compliance, and document management, which helps in carrying out operations and precise decision-making.

SAG RTA Professional Panel Login Services for Multiple Companies

In this login dashboard service, professionals are provided with separate access. The services are offered to chartered accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CS), and experts engaged with different client companies. This solid structure makes it certain that each user category receives a tailored and excellent experience.

Professionals can maintain the documents of different clients easily with this single login dashboard. It makes their workflow hassle-free. Additionally, the dashboard is capable of displaying data and features modified as per the specific company the professional is associated with. It enhances accuracy and minimizes intricacies in the everyday responsibilities of professionals.

Difference Between Registrar and Transfer Agents

Both registrars and transfer agents are authorized to assist firms and investors in recording share and shareholder information. In some cases, firms may hire either one to handle all the related tasks. Some differences between the two include:

  • Transfer agents maintain shareholders’ records, and cancel and issue share certificates, while registrars register share information when shares are issued under an authorized register on behalf of the company.
  • Registrars function as record keepers, while transfer agents serve as record keepers for shareholders and provide corporate services.
  • Transfer agents monitor the number of outstanding shares and daily trading activity, along with corresponding owners. Registrars focus on identifying bond investors and ensuring timely payments when the bonds mature.

Mutual Fund Transfer Agents

Mutual fund transfer agents must be enrolled transfer agents and are responsible for:

  • Providing service facilities to the company and shareholders.
  • Recording and maintaining shareholder account information.
  • Calculating income from mutual funds and transferring it to shareholders’ accounts.
  • Providing dividend-related tax information to the tax department.
  • Preparing and furnishing annual and quarterly reports.

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