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Tim Cook says Apple never requested or received user data through its deals with Facebook

Earlier today, a report emerged claiming that Apple and other tech companies are given “deep access” to Facebook user data. In an interview with NPR this afternoon, however, Tim Cook said Apple gets “zero” personal data through its deals with Facebook… more… … 9to5Mac

Apple Music Hits 50 Million Subscribers Confirms Tim Cook As Spotify Showdown Intensifies

Apple has Spotify in its sights as the company to beat in the streaming music industry. Spotify currently has the most subscribers out there (75 million paying subscribers), but Apple is catching up. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Music now has 50 million subscribers on the Bloomberg Television … Continue reading

Tim Cook discusses Trump’s trade tariffs, Apple’s original content efforts and more in new interview

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will appear on Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein interview show next month. The publication previewed the talking points in an article today. Cook says he discussed the new Chinese tariffs with US President Donald Trump, explaining why he believed it ‘was not the right approach’. There is also … Continue reading