NASA Shares Ways to Stream the 2017 Solar Eclipse on iOS and Apple TV


On Monday, August 21, all of the continental United States will have the chance to view a solar eclipse, and depending on where you’re located you might even be able to see a total solar eclipse. The eclipse’s “path of totality” — or the shadow of the moon as it moves in front of the sun — will begin in Oregon and end in South Carolina, and anyone sitting outside the path will be witness to a partial solar eclipse.

For this reason, NASA is launching a suite of streaming programs covering the best views of the eclipse and its path of totality, giving anyone a chance to watch on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV, particularly those who live far away from the path of to…
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Apple reportedly in talks to stream movie rentals shortly after theater debuts

As more people find creature comforts in watching movies from home with services like Netflix and Hulu, movie studios could soon skip the wait and release new flicks to streaming shortly after they hit theaters — for a price.

Distributors like Apple and Comcast — in conjunction with studios like Warner Bros. and the Comcast-owned Universal Pictures — are reportedly in talks with movie theaters to negotiate releasing brand-new films just weeks after their theatrical debut, according to Bloomberg.

Apple in particular has been keen to get movies added to its iTunes library as close to their release in theaters as possible, according to a report from December …
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Samsung Note 8 Galaxy Unpacked live stream – 23 Aug (24 in OZ)

Samsung Note 8 Galaxy Unpacked live stream – 23 Aug (24 in OZ)

If you’ve been waiting for the Note 8 to arrive, complete with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ style bezels, but with the addition of a very advanced stylus, then that wait is almost over. Of course, it may well be that Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 8 with …
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Samsung Will Live Stream Coldplay Tour Via Gear VR


Samsung will live stream Coldplay’s ongoing tour via Gear VR, as the company just announced a partnership between it and Live Nation to cover the concert when the band makes it to its Soldier Field stop. The “A Head Full Of Dreams” tour kicked off on March 16th last year, and will be stopping at Soldier Field later this month, with the live stream taking place on August 17th at 8:30 pm central time. Samsung notes that anyone with a Gear VR headset in over 50 countries will be able to tune in and experience a concert like never before, while also pointing out that this is a “first time ever” type of event so those who are fans of Coldplay and have the necessar… |

AMD to launch Radeon RX 560D with 896 Stream Processors

AMD to launch Radeon RX 560D with 896 Stream Processors

AMD is sitting on a relatively high volume of RX 460 cards, which will soon be upgraded to Radeon RX 560D. With a simple BIOS modification … I recently “upgraded” my RX 460 NITRO to RX 560 PULSE. As you remember most RX 460 GPUs already have all …

The best movies and TV shows to stream this weekend

There’s a lot of content available across Australia’s streaming services, with new TV shows and movies being added to Netflix and Stan regularly. Because of this, settling on something to watch each weekend can be somewhat daunting.

And, with the recent arrival of Amazon Prime Video to Australia, we can add a even more weekend streaming options to our list! 

To make your weekend streaming session as smooth and relaxing as possible, we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the best new content added to Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video this week.

So grab some popcorn, invite some friends over and get ready for an awesome weekend of non-stop str…
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