Global: Samsung Introduces Remote Access, Enabling User Control Over Peripheral Connected Devices Through its Smart TVs

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced Remote Access, a new feature that will be available on its Smart TV lineups starting 2019. The Remote Access feature will provide enhanced wireless connectivity with PCs, tablets, and smartphones – allowing consumers to remotely control compatible programs and apps through their Samsung Smart TV. Read Also Now TV Smart … Read more

This Coffee Brewer is Smart and Elegant at the Same Time

Using materials like ceramic, leather, and wood, you wouldn’t expect the Cora Coffee Brewer to house technology within it too, but you’d be surprised. Elegant and smart at the same time, the Cora brews coffee with remarkable precision, while sticking to materials and a form factor that looks traditional. With a ceramic hourglass-shaped body, a … Read more

LockState raises $5.8 million to accelerate adoption of smart locks in homes

LockState, the parent company of RemoteLock cloud platform for smart locks, has raised $ 5.8 million in a new round of funding to accelerate the adoption of smart locks in homes. Denver-based RemoteLock is a cloud-based smart lock platform that allows users to manage any type of internet-enabled lock from a single centralized dashboard. The … Read more

Google Assistant Gains Momentum in Smart Home Race

Latest Technology News

Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence software built into Android handsets and the Google Home smart speaker system, now can control more than 5,000 smart devices. That’s up from just 1,500 products in January — and the list of supported products includes everything from cameras and security systems to doorbells, locks and lights, to dryers, dishwashers … Read more

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes Giveaway (International)

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Ever heard of any super funky smart shoes that can keep track of your health? Well, you might have heard or have not, but if you have, then you might dream of wearing them,  but most of the time, it’s not available to you. If you haven’t heard of it, then get ready to be surprised. … Read more