Deezer Integrates Google Home Into Its Music Streaming Tool


Music streaming provider Deezer has just added a Google Home support to its Android app in a bid to help users play and listen to music by using voice command. With the integration of the Google Assistant-powered smart speaker into the Internet-based music streaming service, listeners can now start using Deezer in a hands-free mode and customize their music experience by just telling the smart assistant the songs that they would want to hear.

Users will also be able to instruct Google Assistant to play their personal Flow sound track, provided they have already created an account with Deezer so that the personal assistant will be able to automatically recognize their voice. Deezer&… |

News: Google Play Music gains CarPlay support


Google’s Play Music app has quietly gained CarPlay support in a recent update, allowing users of the streaming music service to more easily access and play content from their dashboard in a CarPlay-enabled vehicle. The addition of CarPlay support isn’t listed in Google Play Music’s release notes, so it’s unclear when the feature actually became available, but the addition of the feature was discovered and reported on reddit… …
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Google Play Music can play music directly from search results


The Google Play Music app for both Android and iOS is getting a very useful new feature. Searching for music generally meant having to wait for the results to load then selecting one to play it. When you’re searching for something specific, it was a bit convoluted.

The new feature adds three results to the top of a search that you can press to play immediately. It will offer selections like artists, albums, and individual songs, starting radio stations for individual songs and shuffling an artist when selected.

For those looking for specific things, this is a great way to save some time. The feature is rolling out on the server side to all Android and iOS users so kee…
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Google Home can now play your uploaded and purchased Google Play Music songs


Google Home users, your little device is about to get a bit better.

Google has confirmed that it’s now updating Google Home to enable playback of uploaded and purchased music on Google Play Music. Simply ask Google Assistant to play songs from your library and they should start right up.

If you’re not a paying Google Play Music subscriber, your uploaded and purchased music will play before the free radio station. If you are a paying subscriber, the subscription on demand content will play before your purchased or uploaded content unless you specifically ask for your own content by saying something like “Play X from my library”.

Google says that this feature is…
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Google Home will now play your uploaded and purchased music on Google Play Music


One of Google Play Music’s best features has finally come to Google Home.

Google Play Music is one of the few online music services that allows you to mix your personal uploaded and purchased music with a subscription library with millions and millions of songs. However, when Google Play Music launched on Google Home when the little air freshener lookalike debuted, you could cast any music you wanted to the speaker, but if you asked Google Assistant for your Google Play Music, it wouldn’t properly process queries for uploaded and pu…
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Sonos Play:5 Review: Wireless Music Made Elegant

Sonos Play:5 Review: Wireless Music Made Elegant

Sonos conquered wireless music years ago, before wireless music was even a thing to be conquered. With the new Play:5, the company revisits its flagship speaker with a stunning new design and powerful sound customization. The refreshed Play:5 might be the …
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Spotify Music v8.4.9.261 MOD APK – SINIRSIZ MÜZİK DİNLE


Spotify Music v8.4.9.261 MOD APK, internet üzerinden müzik dinleme uygulamaları arasında en popüleri olan yapımcılığını adı gibi Spotify stüdyosunun üstlendiği mükemmel bir uygulamadır. Android cihazınız ile müzik dinlemeyi seviyorsanız kesinlikle kullanmanız gereken uygulamalardan birisidir. Tek bir dokunuşla milyonlarca müziğe ulaşabilir, aralıksız dinleyebilirsiniz. Spotify Music içinde yaşanan genel sıkıntılar ve kısıtlamalardan dolayı MOD APK yani sınırsız müzik dinleme hileli […]

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Apple HomePod vs Sonos: Which Music System is Better?

Apple HomePod vs Sonos: Which Music System is Better?

With Apple acquiring Bowers & Wilkins talent to develop AirPods, it’s clear they are taking audio more seriously. HomePod packs seven tweeters and a four inch woofer capable of moving a lot of air (a good work-around for getting big sound out of a small …
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