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Celeste’s Music Gets A Lovely Jazzy Update With New Lullaby Album

The video game lullaby series, Prescription for Sleep, continues with another big release later this year. GameSpot is excited to reveal today that Prescription for Sleep: Celeste is on the way, putting a new, jazzier twist on the familiar music from the challenging game. The album was co-produced by Celeste’s … Continue reading

YouTube Music Hands-on: Is It Time to Switch?

YouTube Music is on the roll and as what reports are suggesting, they’ll soon get rid of Google Play Music – eventually. Will YouTube Music really deliver what’s promised? This could be the break Google has been waiting for all these years for a successful music-streaming app. Or it could … Continue reading

YouTube Music App is Now Officially Rolling

Google’s music strategy was falling behind for years. It took years for the multi-billion company to devise a plan how to make a music-streaming app that users will cling to. To be honest, Google Music is great, but at the same time not that great. It’s confusing. The app showcases … Continue reading

Download YouTube Music APK – How to Install YouTube Music and Use Anywhere in the world?

Download YouTube Music APK – How to Install YouTube Music and Use Anywhere in the world? Google is making huge changes to its Google Play Services and Products including the Android OS (9.0 P), Google Play Music, News app, YouTube app etc. This includes re-branding, re-designing, and much more. The … Continue reading

YouTube Music is Now on Android

Samsung Logo

Google finally announced a new music app, despite owning two of the most prominent music apps in the Play Store – Google Play Music and YouTube. YouTube is enough to play and watch our favorite music videos, but the multi-billion company decided that it is still better for YouTube to … Continue reading

New YouTube Music streaming service goes live this month

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YouTube Music, a new service that will take on the likes of Spotify and Apple, goes live next week. Listeners will be able to enjoy the service for free if they don’t mind their music interspersed with advertisements. An upgrade to YouTube Music Premium, priced at $9.99 a month, will … Continue reading

Apple Music Hits 50 Million Subscribers Confirms Tim Cook As Spotify Showdown Intensifies

Apple has Spotify in its sights as the company to beat in the streaming music industry. Spotify currently has the most subscribers out there (75 million paying subscribers), but Apple is catching up. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Music now has 50 million subscribers on the Bloomberg Television … Continue reading