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Fix Your Laptop Battery From Draining Fast – Extend Battery Life of Laptop

You’re trying to do things with your laptop computer. You got that battery charged up all the way at the start of the day. But midway through, something happens – your battery runs out of power. Now you’ve got a real problem as you can’t be as productive as you … Continue reading

New system recovers fresh water from power plants

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A new system devised by MIT engineers could provide a low-cost source of drinking water for parched cities around the world while also cutting power plant operating costs. About 39 percent of all the fresh water withdrawn from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the U.S. is earmarked for the cooling … Continue reading

iOS 11.4 will reportedly make it harder for cops and robbers to extract data from your iPhone

Researchers at digital forensics software firm Elcomsoft have discovered an interesting security feature that’s slated to become available in the next version of iOS; and could make it harder to extract data from your stolen or seized iPhone. It’s called USB Restricted Mode, and it basically locks down the data … Continue reading

Branch raises $70M Series B from Trinity Ventures, a16z, and others to expand its mobile lending platform that offers loans between $2 and $1000 in Africa (Connie Loizos/TechCrunch)

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Branch raises $ 70M Series B from Trinity Ventures, a16z, and others to expand its mobile lending platform that offers loans between $ 2 and $ 1000 in Africa You don’t hear of many $2 loans in the United States, where $2 won’t buy you more than a chocolate bar. … Continue reading

Uber suspended from autonomous vehicle testing in Arizona following fatal crash

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Uber has been suspended from testing autonomous vehicles in the state of Arizona following last week’s fatal crash in the city of Tempe, according to the Associated Press. The accident, which occurred at night and coincided with autonomous test driver Rafaela Vasquez looking down right before the moment of impact, … Continue reading

Netflix banned from competing at Cannes Film Festival

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Netflix has been banned from competing in the Cannes Film Festival, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter. Theirry Fremaux, the head of Cannes, told THR last week the ban is because Netflix refuses to release its films in theaters, choosing instead to debut them on its streaming service … Continue reading

Chrome OS is about to borrow another feature from Android

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Chrome OS and Android are closer than ever before – many Chromebooks, including the Google Pixelbook, can run Android apps just as well as a phone or tablet, and it looks like the desktop OS is about to borrow another feature from its mobile sibling. Chrome Story spotted that notification … Continue reading