Coding Conventions: How to Plan Smartly?

coding bootcamp

Writing up a good code and submitting a running application or software doesn’t conclude how developers work. It requires them to put their most significant efforts into making a code run successfully and deliver outputs. However, the readability of the code has never been the … Read more

Apple opens Health Records API to developers


Apple opens Health Records API to developers Apps Empowering Consumers to Manage Medications, Diseases, Nutrition and More Coming This Fall Today Apple delivered a Health Records API for developers and researchers to create an ecosystem of apps that use health record data to better manage … Read more

API Documentation For Developer

API Documentation

API documentation explains what services an API provides and how to employ those services, targeting to swathe everything a client would require knowing to use the API. Documentation is essential for the development and upholding of applications that employ the API. The API documentation is … Read more