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Fortnite Upcoming Audio Improvements

Epic Games will be making some audio improvements in the near future. Epic Games made some major changes to...

Hands-on: JBL’s Everest 110GA and 710GA deliver Google Assistant and alright audio

JBL is a big brand for audio, and for the most part, the company makes some killer products. In recent months, the brand has...

Samsung Soundbars and Wireless Speakers Add Deezer High Fidelity Lossless Audio

    Samsung Electronics Co. announced the addition of Deezer High Fidelity Lossless Audio on select Samsung soundbars and wireless speakers. As of today, music fans...
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Sony Vegas Pro 14 (64 bit)-Professional video and audio editor

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing suite aimed at professionals needing to produce high quality HD videos. This Professional version includes some features...
Ruark Audio's R7 Mk3

Ruark Audio R7 Mk3

What is the Ruark R7 Mk3? The Ruark R7 Mk3 continues the aim of its forebears: to be the ultimate all-in-one audio solution. To those...

Audio Systems

Audio Systems Take your movie watching and music listening to the next level with an all-in-one home theatre system. These systems usually come with DVD...

This new technology can create realistic videos from audio files

The researchers successfully generated highly-realistic video of former US President Barack Obama talking about terrorism, fatherhood, job creation and other topics, using audio clips...

OnePlus now has a OnePlus 5 audio problem to fix

OnePlus now has a OnePlus 5 audio problem to fix Apparently, this can be observed on the OnePlus 3T too. Is it a big deal?...

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