Amazon’s Alexa vs. Google’s Assistant: Same Questions, Different Answers

Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are the two most compelling products in the new smart-speaker market. It’s a fascinating space to watch, for it is of substantial strategic importance to both companies as well as several more that will enter the fray soon. Why is this? Whatever device you outfit your home with will influence […]

Hands-on: Bose QC35 II headphones with Google Assistant

Several days ago Google announced that it was officially bringing Assistant to headphones. The first pair getting this upgraded treatment is the second-generation Bose QC35 Bluetooth over-ear noise canceling headphones. Now that they are on sale, we have spent some hands-on time with them. While there might not be enough of a reason to upgrade […]

Google Assistant’s Explore page adds search to lookup Actions on Google, Assistant apps

Actions on Google and Assistant apps launched at I/O in the U.S. and most recently in Australia and the U.K. With more developers now working on apps for the platform, Google has added a search feature to more easily look through the Assistant directory. more…

Google Assistant is coming to more devices, including speakers and appliances

Much like Amazon has done, Google is opening up Google Assistant to third parties. Though the companies virtual assistant has so far resided on smartphones and watches (and of course the Google Home), you’ll soon start to see it in products like speakers and appliances. Google mentions that new speakers like the Zolo Mojo by Anker, TicHome Mini […]

Android 8.0 Oreo brings deeper integration with Google Assistant to third-party apps

When it comes to virtual assistants, the Google Assistant has quickly grown to be one of the best the market currently has to offer. That might sound a little biased considering the nature of our site, but when compared to the likes of Siri, Alexa, and others, Google has the upper-hand in many key areas […]

MediaTek seeing robust chip demand for voice assistant devices

MediaTek seeing robust chip demand for voice assistant devices MediaTek in May 2017 introduced its new MT8516 series SoC designed for voice assistant devices and smart speakers. The MT8516 is equipped with a quad-core, 64-bit ARM Cortex-A35 MPCore operating at up to 1.3GHz. The chipset also pre-integrates Wi-Fi 802.11 … Read more on Digi Times

Google may release its own headphones with Assistant built-in

A recent teardown of the Google app suggests the company on its own wireless headset. While a lot of headphones have the ability to activate Google Assistant, what this really does is activated Assistant on the phone. While that’s all well and good, being able to process commands on the headphones would also be useful. […]

MediaTek launches chipset supporting Google Assistant and Android Things

MediaTek launches chipset supporting Google Assistant and Android Things MediaTek has introduced its newest full-featured chipset – MT8516 – designed to enable Voice Assistant Devices (VADs) and smart speakers, including the Google Assistant. MediaTek also announced support for MT8516 based Android Things pre-certified system … Read more on

Android Wear users are having problems with Google Assistant

If we're being completely honest, it's not been the best of years for Android Wear, despite the long-awaited arrival of Android Wear 2.0 – a delayed roll-out and a lack of flagship smartwatch launches means Google's wrist-based OS is lagging behind the Apple Watch. Now there's another problem for Android Wear users to deal with: […]