iOS 11 Update: What’s coming up with the iOS App Developers?

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 iOS 11 Update: What’s coming up with the iOS App Developers?

There is an adage that says like, “Change is the rule of nature.” So are the versions of iOS. Coming this fall is the latest version of iOS – iOS 11. This has been stated at a jumbo step for iPhones and a significant leap for iPad as well! This version is all set for a new standard to be recorded. And also, it has opened up some of the amazing capabilities for the augmented reality games and apps as well.

The iOS 11 is expected to launch at the next WWDC. With iOS 11, the Apple phones will become the most powerful and intelligent devices ever designed. However, there are many bloggers, analysts, and iOS app developers who have started speculated about the recent updations that Apple is supposed to be included in this version.

Let us have a look at these speculations before its launch.

  • Improved Maps App

This latest version of the iOS is rumoured to come with an advanced and redesigned Google Maps. The Apple makes use of the fleet of drones so that they are able to provide the users with exact and relevant direction and detailed information to the travellers. Further, the navigation feature is drastically improved by the indoor features.

The dark mode has already been included with iOS 10. However, the users were not able to enable the dark mode feature in their devices with iOS 10 installed. But the iOS 11 will be able to enjoy the dark mode feature for the users who are using the devices with this latest version installed.

  • SIRI with Natural Sounding Voice

Whenever any new version of iOS is launched and released, there is an improved version of SIRI. This updated version of SIRI enables their users to perform specific tasks easily and conveniently. Similarly, iOS 11 is expected to release another update for SIRI. This will give the feel to the users that they are interacting with humans, rather a device.

  • Check the Availability of Contacts

Developed as an exclusive application by Apple, there are many analysts who believe that iOS 11 will allow the users to check whether a particular contact is available or not. This feature will also assist the user to detect the current location of the contact and status of the device he is operating.

  • Group Calls with Facetime

Currently, Facetime doesn’t support the group calls with their contacts. The iOS 11 is expected to upgrade the one-on-one calling feature to make group video calls. The upgraded version of Facetime could allow the Apple users to make calls up to five users parallelly.

  • Better Multitasking

iOS 11 makes it easier than ever before in terms of multitasking. It is able to open the second app from the right end of the Dock, while both the apps are active in Split View as well as Slide Over. You can also customise your App Switcher as per your choice.

It is predicted that the launching of iOS 11 will make 8% of the total Apple apps non-functional. Because the latest iOS version will run only on devices with 64-bit processors and software, more than 2,000,00 app will be obsolete. Hence, the app developers need to update the existing apps so that they are valid in terms of the latest iOS version.

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