Event Trends and predictions for 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has resulted in several changes in the event industry. A shift of trend has also been observed from traditional in-person events to virtual and hybrid events. Essentially organisers and attendees have started to prefer online presence over physical presence in lieu of social distancing. It is no surprise that the … Read more

A Rise in Popularity: Playing Esports During the Pandemic

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You’ve binged and re-watched your favorite shows, you’ve started (and ended) a few new hobbies, and maybe you’ve increased your daily steps by playing Pokémon Go. We’re fortunate to have technology just a screen tap or mouse click away during the pandemic, but if you’re like millions of others, you’re probably bored. If you haven’t … Read more

What to Do During the Lockdown: Art, Casinos, and Games


So, you are not allowed out of your house for some time because of the COVID-19 pandemic and you’re probably wondering what you’ll do with yourself. Sure, there’s Netflix, Spotify, PlayStation, YouTube, TV, and the internet… so, you’re good to go, right? Well, maybe not because you’d be surprised how quickly you will become bored … Read more