Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review – GamerKnights

Reviewer Joe @ GamerKnights has done a very long in depth review of probably SEGA’s best Yakuza game yet! More: “Yakuza: Long-time fans of the Yakuza series are likely a little floored with the sudden new rush of releases in the West. After all, it wasnt so long ago that each new entry into the series would bring with it a three or four year wait to see if it would even come West. With the release of Yakuza 6, and the recent announcement of Kiwami 2 for August of this year, well have seen four mainline games released in two years. If any series deserves all this sudden recognition, however, its Yakuza. After all, its been fantastic since 2005 its just taken us a little while to realize it…
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