AI Chatbots: Get More by Doing Less

AI Chatbots

Today’s world is considered an AI world. In the recent year, this modern technology results in transforming the way we work, perform our daily activities and our lives too. From booking your cab in just one tap to face recognition feature on phones, auto-correcting your mistakes in a document to a digital assistant like Siri, … Read more

Best Smart Home Tech To Buy Today

smarthome tech

Smarthomes have grown in popularity during recent times and have grown due to the increase in quality in technology that has been growing at astronomical rates. Because of this, tech companies have specifically been targeting the smart home market for gadgets that aren’t just a good addition to the home, but also cost-effective as well. … Read more

Top Products On The Google Cloud Platform You Need To Try

google cloud platform

Google is innovating new products and services every time entrepreneurs like you need to know about these facts to stay ahead in the face of stiff market competition. In Forbes’s study, too, this thing is highlighted broadly. Innovation and updated technology is the trademark of Google Products. Every time you will get something new from … Read more

How Technology In The Future Be Different?

Technology In The Future

Technology has transformed our lives and how our businesses work. And it will continue to transform our everyday lives with the constant evolution of technology. Could we have ever thought that people world apart can now stay connected 24/7 due to the Wi-Fi network? Or writing can be replaced by typing on computers and now … Read more

How Does SAP Solution Manager Help in Converting SAP S/4 HANA?

sap solution manager

Image Source SAP Solution Manager is an SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool that helps you implement, sustain, run, and adopt all enterprise applications while encouraging business innovation, business continuity, and operations, including non-SAP software. SAP launched this tool in 2010 to help consumers track their landscape and provide a basic roadmap for the lifecycle … Read more

Important Software That You Need in Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Product manufacturing is tough. There are many kinds of product manufacturing processes, but there is one thing common among all of them i.e. inventory management. Without the inventory, no production can be started. Different types of inventory are needed at different levels. So, production is all about managing the inventory. Hence, the most important software … Read more

Private LTE vs. Wi-Fi: Which Is Better For Your Business?

mobile phone

We are living in the age of an application-driven and technology-fueled world. The quest for a high-quality internet connection is still on. This is why people are still debating whether private LTE is better or Wi-Fi for businesses. While Wi-Fi is still preferred for businesses, there have been small scale technology-based companies who have started … Read more

Minimize piracy through Ebook DRM


Buying books to read and enjoy has been a centuries-old practice that continues today even in the ever-popular electronic domain. That is, until recent times. Piracy in print has been a raging issue for decades and is not so different on the Internet. With millions of people downloading copyrighted content for free from peer to … Read more