How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting Journalism

Artificial Intelligence

After years of being seen as an emerging tactic, automated journalism has finally made it to the mainstream. We’re now witnessing a growing shift towards machines with high-level problem-solving capability. Each day, more robots and smart computers are in to give more and more impact on the news media industry.  From Facebook using artificial intelligence … Read more

Is Innovation Enough To Make AI Live Up to Its Expectations in the Healthcare Industry?

Is Innovation Enough To Make AI Expectations in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest contributing sectors to the economy. Not only does it add a substantial monetary value but it also saves lives across regions and borders. The healthcare sector is responsible for the well being of the population, ensuring that people are healthy and fine and contributing to the economy … Read more

The Role of AI in Cloud-Based Software


The past few years have seen increased hype around artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud as the tech continues to transform how businesses operate. Today, more and more companies are implementing AI to address various trouble points in their processes. AI and the cloud blend seamlessly, and experts now predict that the technology will continue … Read more

Best Source to Consider for Financial News and Social Media Trends

Latest News

As an investor, you need the latest information to stay connected with the markets, and you want new insights, provoking analysis, and research that will help you to make your next long-term investment. A smart website can be a great advantage and assistant for people that want to stay aware of the latest financial news … Read more

Future Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence Technology


There are numerous new mechanical advancements that are changing how we live our lives, but Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI), may introduce the most energizing changes. While AI has been around for some time now, recent enhancements have made the innovation significantly more versatile. Investigating what’s to come, as of today, it is complicated to foresee … Read more

Artificial intelligence: A rising trend but why do we need it?

artificial intelligence

When Stephen Hawking expressed concern that things shown in Johnny Depp’s movie Transcendence are not exaggerated but factual. He also emphasized that it would be a ‘’worst mistake in history’’ to consider it as mere fiction. He felt that this scientific development might bear serious and unpredictable consequences for mankind. So if a physicist of … Read more