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Latest Technology News

Microsoft celebrates 5 years of Surface Pro by discounting the 2-in-1 by $200

Microsoft is celebrating the fifth birthday of its Surface Pro by knocking $ 200 off the asking price when it comes to the...
Latest Technology News

Celeste is the Super Meat Boy successor I’ve wanted for years

I’ve started to ignore the indie platformer space recently. I dug into Super Meat Boy way back in 2010 on Xbox 360, but nothing...
Smartphone News

Apple rumored go all in on OLED displays in next year’s iPhones

Apple rumored go all in on OLED displays in next year's iPhones It is believed that Apple will incorporate new-generation A11 Fusion processor and co-processor,...

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

5 Essentials of a Machine Learning Resume

As a machine learning professional, your expertise may lie in devising predictive models to observe data models.  However, when...