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HTC U12 Plus won’t include a USB-C to headphone adapter

HTC made the U12 Plus official last week, but buried in the details of HTC’s latest flagship was an unfortunate catch: along with not having a headphone jack, the phone also won’t include a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for using traditional wired headphones, as spotted by Android Police.

HTC isn’t leaving users completely stranded, however. The company will still include a pair of USB-C headphones in the box, and it will still sell its $ 11.99 adapter s…
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Dawn of War 3 for Mac: A great game that sadly won’t be supported anymore

Warhammer 4,000: Dawn of War 3 for Mac was released on June 8, 2017.

This was yet another excellent port from Feral Interactive and also exciting news because the last Dawn of War was released a long time ago, in 2009. It’s really too bad it won’t longer be supported…

Developer Relic announced that Dawn of War 3 will no longer receive new content. Being released less than a year ago, a decision like this can only mean one thing: Poor resultsMac Gamer HQ

Sea of Thieves’ character creator won’t be for everyone

In so many games, you create characters using a raft of customisation options, tweaking sliders to pick from a variety of faces, body types and skin colours, among many other things.

Sea of Thieves, the upcoming shared-world pirate adventure game from Rare, does character creation differently – via a mechanic called the Infinite Pirate Generator. In short, don’t expect to see a character slider anywhere in the game.

When you start Sea of Thieves, you’re asked to pick your pirate. Inside a virtual tavern, the game generates a random selection of …

Facebook Wants More Quality News, But Its Recent Moves Won’t Guarantee It

Asa Mathat

Facebook is rethinking its approach to news, and Monday the company made its clearest statement yet on where that process is heading. “We are, for the first time in the history of Facebook, taking a step to try to define what quality news looks like and give that a boost,” Facebook’s head of news partnerships Campbell Brown said in an interview at Recode’s Code Media conference.

But w…
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This Wood Won’t Float, But It’s Stronger Than Steel

The question of how much wood a woodchuck can chuck may need to be reevaluated — new research published today in Nature reveals a process that can create wood with a strength-to-weight ratio stronger than most metals. Harder, Better, Stronger Many of the high-performance structural materials available today have at least one major drawback. Metals like steel may be strong, but they are also heavy and environmentally damaging. Composites and polymer-based materials work around these drawbac…

Duolingo now supports Chinese, but it probably won’t help you become fluent

Duolingo today added support for Chinese and that’s a big deal for a few reasons. The language learning app has provided Spanish and German since it was in private beta back in 2011, but didn’t add Asian languages until recently — Japanese was added in May and Korean in September. That’s generally because those languages are difficult to learn and involve composing completely different curriculums.

Chinese is the most-spoken language in the world, and…
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Best laptop games: 10 top low-spec titles that won’t melt your machine

It may be the opinion of some PC gamers that you aren’t a hardcore player unless you’re rocking a GTX1080 and have a different VR headset for each day of the week. But almost any half-decent laptop made in the last five years can actually play an amazing library of games without even needing a dedicated GPU.

We’re here to show you the amazing low-demand recent games that you’d be a fool to miss, as well as some AAA smashes that work surprisingly well on low-end hardware.

  • Once you’re looking for something meatier, check out our best PC games
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000 or better

Whether he’s at LucasArts,…
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