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Microtransactions are returning to Star Wars: Battlefront II but they’ll be cosmetic-only

As microtransactions become synonymous with the AAA gaming experience, customers have been forced to decide how far they're willing to let publishers go with their integration. Some gamers draw the line at microtransactions in singleplayer titles, whereas others are only against loot boxes. Another portion of gamers would prefer not…


The Ending of Star Wars Rebels Was Perfect Because It Was Also a Beginning

Before Rey, Finn, and Poe came to a galaxy far, far, away, a TV show on a kids network had already started to define the new era of Star Wars. That show, Star Wars Rebels, ended its four-season run tonight with a three-episode special that not only concluded the story that began way back in 2014, but offered a peek of…

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Learn to code with the littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit this April

Toys that can code are all the rage these days, and you can add another one to the list beginning mid-April.

The littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is adding a coding capability in just a few months. This will mark the first time a coding has come to a littleBits consumer product. 

Based on the Google and MIT-developed Scratch Books coding structure, the new coding canvas includes six new missions plus an open coding canvas, letting young coders flex their programming muscles. 

With the new coding feature, kiddos (and kids at heart) can customize their DIY Droid, bringing even more fun and function to the toy. littleBits says the new missions build upon th…
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Space Wars Will Look Nothing Like Star Wars

Darting spaceships. Dazzling lasers. Fiery explosions. All of these are things that a war in space would almost certainly not involve. Ever since Star Wars, the public has been fascinated by the visuals of space conflict — it’s futuristic, thrilling, and cosmic battles are bereft of the gore that so often accompanies terrestrial conflict. And ever since Sputnik, humans have been putting things into space, pieces of technology that are now vital cogs in the machinery of society. We rely on…

Walmart Xbox One X Offer Bundles GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront II And Destiny 2 For $499

Walmart Xbox One X Offer Bundles GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront II And Destiny 2 For $  499 If you’ve been eying the Xbox One X gaming console and haven’t yet had the guts to pull the trigger, Walmart is hoping to give you some extra incentive with a new bundle offer. While you’re still paying the same $ 499 price (which is the MSRP for the Xbox One X), you’ll also receive the following games: Grand Theft Auto V Star Wars: Battlefront …
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India finds the droids they’re looking for, the Sphero Mini and Star Wars BB-8 are here

Always wanted a companion of your own but just never got around to it? Maybe it was allergies, maybe it was the time, or maybe just the amount of investment it requires? Well, fear not. Luxury Personified has just launched the Sphero Mini and the Sphero Star Wars: BB-8 in the Indian market.

The Sphero Mini is the world’s smallest app controlled robotic ball! It’s a whole bunch of big tech fit into a tiny ball, that’s both programmable and drive-able.

And Star Wars fans, prepare yourself. You can finally an interactive BB-8 of your own! Sure, you’ve seen the toys and action figures available in the market, but did you ever think you’d have one…
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Why Star Wars Space Nazis Shun Killer Robots

Star Wars films tend to dwell upon space fantasy adventures that mix starships with space wizards wielding laser swords in a galaxy far, far away. Despite that focus, a number of Star Wars films also happen to feature another staple of science fiction: killer robots. Fictional killer robots often represent either the agents of greater villains or the primary existential threat to humanity in many science fiction films. Iconic Star Wars villains such as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren would seem …

‘Air-gapped’ MacBooks and encrypted e-readers: how Disney stopped Star Wars leaks

The latest Star Wars movies have been among the most hotly-anticipated films of all time, and that means there are plenty of people who could profit from finding out their secrets ahead of release.

And that in turn means some pretty drastic measures have had to be taken in order to keep the details of their scripts from leaking, right down to the tech used to write and share them.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson revealed the extreme lengths taken to keep his script from being seen, even as it was being written.

“I typed Episode VIII out on a MacBook Air. For security it was 'air-gapped' –never connected to the internet,“ he t…
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How Firefox won the 2017 browser wars

It’s been a great year for Firefox. After falling behind its rivals in terms of speed and market share, Mozilla launched itself back into the game in 2017 with Firefox Quantum – the browser’s biggest update since its first release in 2004.

“We fell behind for five years, so it feels good to come out swinging,” Mark Mayo, vice president of Firefox, told TechRadar just before the launch of Quantum in November. We're just going to go straight at them!"

Quantum is a huge step up for Firefox, with speeds that challenge Chrome and a new interface designed to make browsing a smooth, more pleasant experience, but it was just one part of Moz…
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