Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars

Offering up more than 100 heroes Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a mobile title orientated around commanding your own unique mix of heroes and troops in order to rain supreme over other players. With familiar heroes from mythology which each command their own powerful skills the game is a flashy take on the mobile strategy […]

Computer Hardware

Begun, the VR wars have (at IFA 2017)

War. War never changes. That’s the famous epigraph that player’s donning their VR headsets and entering into the nuke-blasted world of Fallout 4 VR will see later on this year, and while that saying concerns itself with conventional warfare, it also holds true of marketplace warfare as well.  At least, that’s what I hope after […]

‘Star Wars’: Ron Howard Shares BTS ‘Han Solo’ Photo Featuring Chewbacca

‘Star Wars’: Ron Howard Shares BTS ‘Han Solo’ Photo Featuring Chewbacca Posted on Howard’s official Twitter account, the image features the filmmaker, who appears to be in a very good mood, with Chewbacca visible on the monitors … With Star Wars weekend in the rear-view mirror, it’s still a great time to kick back … […]


Disney May Split Out Star Wars and Marvel Into Standalone Streaming Services

During its quarterly earnings report yesterday, Disney revealed that it plans to remove all of its content from Netflix and debut a streaming service of its own in 2019. The announcement didn’t make clear which exact Disney-related pieces of content might be found within that service, but more information from the earnings report has been […]


Watch new Star Wars trailer re-created on an Apple IIc

Apple’s retro IIc computer that was released in 1984 has been obsolete for 30 years, but an Indonesia-based illustrator has just proven that it is still capable of creating amazing stuff, if you’re willing to put in the time. Animator Wahyu Ichwandardi unveiled his Apple IIc masterpiece on Twitter by re-creating the latest Star Wars: […]