The wait operation timed out [Fix]

System errors such as WAIT_TIMEOUT can appear on any PC regardless of the version of Windows you’re running. This error is usually followed by The wait operation timed out message, and today we’re going to show you how to fix it on Windows 10. How to fix WAIT_TIMEOUT error? Fix – WAIT_TIMEOUT Solution 1 – […]


Lack of iPad Pro Smart Connector Accessories Blamed on Long Wait Times for Components

Fast Company published a report this week exploring why third-party accessories that make use of Apple’s Smart Connector remain few and far between, almost two years after the connector first debuted on the iPad Pro. The magnetic Smart Connector allows the iPad Pro to communicate with and power compatible accessories, like the company’s own Smart […]

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While You Wait: 4 Potentially Higher-Status Alternatives to the iPhone 8

At a rumored $ 1,400 sale price the coming iPhone 8 likely will test just how much people are willing to pay for a new phone — particularly, how much parents are willing to fork over for their kids. While iPhones once conveyed status and sense of luxury, similar to a brand like Cadillac, pretty […]

Intel Core i9: should you get Ryzen 7 or wait for Threadripper instead?

Intel Core i9: should you get Ryzen 7 or wait for Threadripper instead? Earlier this year, we saw Intel take the wraps off its Core i9 series of processor, being meant for enthusiasts and content creators. At the time of the reveal, many pointed to AMD’s Ryzen 7 family, saying that these would be a […]