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Digital Tourism: New Virtual Archipelago Gets More Visitors Than The Taj Majal And London...

Is digital sightseeing the next big thing for the tourism industry? UK virtual publisher, nDreams, recently launched a floating archipelago called Aurora...

Virtual Reality Can Help Convict Nazi War Criminals

During World War II, Reinhold Hanning served as a guard at the Auschwitz concentration camp where more than 1.1 million people were killed by...
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Augmented & Virtual Reality: The New Way To Promote Brands

Augmented and Virtual Reality is the latest tech appealing to both consumers and brands. Consumers get immersed into different worlds and galaxies far, far...

Sports in virtual reality sounds cool, but can feel distant

When watching sports in virtual reality, it's best to remind yourself that TV wasn't born in a day.Early television was mostly radio with pictures.... Gadgets...
Recovering Data from Damaged Partition

Zeiss VR One Connect puts virtual reality PC games onto a smartphone headset

Zeiss, a company that made its name in optical and optoelectronic technology before moving into the realm of virtual reality, has announced...
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Facebook’s Live-Action Camera Systems Let You Take Steps in Virtual Places

Facebook’s Live-Action Camera Systems Let You Take Steps in Virtual Places Virtual reality has an image problem. While plenty of cameras out there capture spherical...

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