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Waze vs. Google Maps: Which map app should you be using?

Waze and Google Maps are two popular navigation apps that provide turn-by-turn directions for drivers yet, there are key differences between the two. Here...
Latest Technology News

Verizon Completes 5G Call Using New 3GPP-Compliant 5G Tech

Verizon hasn’t announced an... Droid Life
Software Apps

Using Db2 as a Cloud SQL Database With Python

Over the summer, I learned that Python is at the top of the IEEE programming languages ranking. It is also my favorite language for...
Recovering Data from Damaged Partition

How to Automatically Turn Your Lights On and Off Randomly Using Wink

While you can put your smart lights on a schedule when you go on vacation, it’s actually better to have them turn on and...

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apple iphone smartphone desk

How 5 Products From Apple Changed The Way We Perceived Technology...

The MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch changed human lives. How technology affects human lives changed forever. Read on to know more.