A UK Surgeon Is Using Microsoft HoloLens To Train Medical Staff Using VR On The Operating Table

A UK Surgeon Is Using Microsoft HoloLens To Train Medical Staff Using VR On The Operating Table

In April 2015, Professor Shafi Ahmed, surgeon of London Royal Hospital and St Bartholomew, performed the world’s first virtual reality (VR) operation, recording and streaming live in 360 degrees to more than 55,000 people across the world, watching at …
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Nvidia 942-11431-0007-001 3D Vision2; Wireless Glasses Kit
NVIDIA 942-11431-0007-001 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses Kit. Infrared Receiver: Receive signal between 1.5 and 15 feet….

HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System
Vive is built from the ground up for room-scale VR, which allows you to physically move around objects in the virtual space. Enj…

Microsoft HoloLens Developer’s Guide
Key FeaturesCreate immersive augmented reality apps for Microsoft HoloLens from scratch Leverage the powerful HoloLens sensors to…

Microsoft HoloLens By Example
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DigiOptix 8GB Smart Glasses 1080P HD Camera Video Glasses Bluetooth for Smart Phone Hand-free Phone Answer/Call Music Function
With a few simple gestures, this revolutionary all-in-one multimedia device takes 1080p HD Video, 12 MP…

2 useful Google Docs features you probably aren’t using

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Google Docs may be known as the “lightweight” word processor, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in advanced productivity features.

Even with the once-touted add-ons for Android program apparently in limbo, Docs has some handy and easily overlooked options for making your mobile or desktop-based document work a little bit easier.

Two such examples I myself forgot about up til recently and then was delighted to rediscover:

1. Explore: Intelligent in-document multitasking

Ever find yourself editing a document on your phone and needing to get more info about a particular subject? Docs’ Explore is just the thing you want.

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6 months using Office and a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Computer Hardware

Apple introduced the first iteration of its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar a few months ago. Microsoft soon put Touch Bar support in Office for Mac apps. I’ve used both for several months and with a new Touch Bar Mac now available and Microsoft’s implementation clearly past beta, I thought it might be useful to discuss my experience using both together.

The MacBook Pro w. Touch Bar

With the exception of one weird, now discredited, Laptop story, Apple’s new computer received overwhelmingly positive reviews when introduced.

[Also read: 10+ Apple MacBook Pro Touchbar tips.]

It’s cer…
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Tip of the Day: Capturing iOS and tvOS screenshots using your Mac


By now it’s pretty common knowledge that you can grab a screenshot from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch simply by pressing the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously, saving a PNG image of whatever is on the current screen to your on-device photo library. While this works well enough in most cases, sometimes the necessary finger gymnastic can make it a bit tricky to capture more complicated screenshots, such as when playing a game or trying… …
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Hearst Magazine’s Cosmopolitan updates digital edition app using the MAZ Digital platform

Hearst Magazine’s Cosmopolitan updates digital edition app using the MAZ Digital platform

designed to be daily content apps rather than digital edition apps. These are exclusive to the iPhone, whereas the digital edition apps are universal. Neither Hearst Magazines nor Hearst Newspapers have yet to launch apps that work with the Apple Watch.
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iPhone 6 Belt Case, Encased Ultra Thin (2016 SlimShield Edition) Secure-fit Holster Clip & Tough Cover (For Apple iPhone 6 4.7″) (Smooth Black)
Why You Care. We are a proud US company making essential everyday products that we ourselves love to use! Our core belief is simpl…

Tech21 Evo Check Active Edition iPhone 7/6/6s White
Tech21 Evo Check Active Edition WHITE with BLACK DOTS Case for iPhone 7/6/6s…

mophie 2100mAh Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition for iPhone 5/5S/SE – Gray/Orange
Mophie juice pack plus Made for iPhone 5S / 5 2117JPPOIP5ORG Skins (*)…

Mophie Juice Pack Pro Ruggedized Rechargeable External Battery Case for iPhone 4/4s – 2,500 mAh Outdoor Edition
FEATURES of the mophie juice pack pro outdoor edition for iPhone 4/4S 2500 mAh Capacity Vibration and Shock Splash and Rain Sand a…