Google Home can now play your uploaded and purchased Google Play Music songs


Google Home users, your little device is about to get a bit better.

Google has confirmed that it’s now updating Google Home to enable playback of uploaded and purchased music on Google Play Music. Simply ask Google Assistant to play songs from your library and they should start right up.

If you’re not a paying Google Play Music subscriber, your uploaded and purchased music will play before the free radio station. If you are a paying subscriber, the subscription on demand content will play before your purchased or uploaded content unless you specifically ask for your own content by saying something like “Play X from my library”.

Google says that this feature is…
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Google Home will now play your uploaded and purchased music on Google Play Music


One of Google Play Music’s best features has finally come to Google Home.

Google Play Music is one of the few online music services that allows you to mix your personal uploaded and purchased music with a subscription library with millions and millions of songs. However, when Google Play Music launched on Google Home when the little air freshener lookalike debuted, you could cast any music you wanted to the speaker, but if you asked Google Assistant for your Google Play Music, it wouldn’t properly process queries for uploaded and pu…
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