Ex-Yahoo CEO: Facebook Turning Into Twitter Due To Fake News

Facebook is becoming more like Twitter as the most popular social media network on the planet is getting increasingly politicized and filled with “more and more fake news,” according to Ross Levinsohn, former Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo who also served as the President of Fox Interactive Media. In a Friday call with CNBC, Levinsohn stated […]

Use Up Extra Celery by Turning It Into a Salad Base

A lot of recipes call for celery, but it’s usually only a stalk or two, leaving you with a whole bunch of stringy, green sticks to use up. Luckily, Bon Appetit has come up with a whole bunch of uses for it, and not one of them involve ants or logs. <a href="http://skillet.lifehacker.com/use-up-extra-celery-by-turning-it-into-a-salad-base-1791346230"… Lifehacker