Don’t Hit! – Defy Gravity and speed through a course of twists and turns


California based Selosoft, Inc. today introduces Don’t Hit! 1.0, an easy-to-learn, hard to master, one-touch game for iOS devices. Players control a triangle as it speeds through an endless course of chaotic twists and turns. Gravity will pull the triangle down relative to its orientation and players must press their finger on the screen to counter the gravitational pull. Collecting cubes will increase their score, but they must be careful to avoid the walls, as a collision will end their run….
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Apple A11 Allegedly Leaked Geekbench Score Tears Through the Competition, Including iPhone 7 Plus

Apple A11 Allegedly Leaked Geekbench Score Tears Through the Competition, Including iPhone 7 Plus

Update: The Geekbench score could be fake so remember to take it with a pinch of salt. The latest version of Geekbench running in iOS is version 4.1.0 while the version running here is version 4.0.3. Time and time again, we’ve seen the iPhone 7 Plus beat …
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Putting The Samsung Galaxy S8 Through Its Paces

Putting The Samsung Galaxy S8 Through Its Paces

So you literally just look at your phone and it will unlock for you to use. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Samsung DeX lets you connect your Galaxy S8/S8+ to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone, essentially turning any …

OUKITEL U22 Put Through Gaming Tests In New Video


The OUKITEL U22 is one of the latest smartphones to be announced by OUKITEL, although it has yet to become available. What is clear though is that this is a smartphone that places a good deal of its focus on its cameras. This is because the OUKITEL U22 does not come with two, or even three cameras, but four. Two are positioned on the back of the device in a now-common dual rear camera configuration, while the other two appear on the front as part of another dual camera setup.

Cameras aside, OUKITEL is keen to ensure that potential buyers understand that the OUKITEL U22 is more than just the sum of its photo capabilities. To do this, the company has now released a video showcasing t… |

Nokia 9 passes through FCC

Nokia 9 passes through FCC

The Nokia 9 is in the news again, this time for passing through the US’ FCC certification process. This brings the phone a step closer to launch. It’s already cleared its EA Union and Bluetooth certifications, so an announcement shouldn’t be too far …
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Verizon To Push Through With Fixed Broadband 5G


Verizon has stated that it will continue to pursue fixed broadband 5G within the next few years. By pursuing fixed broadband 5G, the company should be able to deploy a service that can provide an alternative to those offered by the cable companies. Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam claims that the company is very excited about the recent developments related to fixed broadband 5G, which is currently bring tested in 11 locations around the country. Verizon sees numerous advantages by pursuing fixed wireless 5G over a more mobile-focused network that was recently announced by its rival T-Mobile. According to Verizon, rolling out 5G as fixed broadband allows the carrier to deploy a 5G-capabl… |

Motorola Moto Z2 Play Goes Through TENAA

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Motorola is about to unveil two new Moto Z2 handset and both smartphones are all but official. Now, the more affordable Moto Z2 Play variant showed up at China's TENAA website, along with some pictures and specifications, confirming all the recent rumorus and leaks.


IDG Contributor Network: Xero breaks through its glass ceiling: customers, revenue and cashflow

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It’s fair to say that no one has been covering Xero longer than I have. I first talked to its co-founder and CEO, Rod Drury, long before the company launched a product. Trawling back through my emails and I discovered that we first talked about his vision 10 years ago to the day. (Rod, we really should have a celebratory beer!) I can’t imagine he’ll be celebrating the milestone, but it does go to show just how long Drury has been on this journey.

When it was founded, Xero took a very unusual path, listing on the New Zealand Stock Exchange before it even had a real product and customers. Backed by some high-profile names, and with Drury’s masterful m…
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