New YouTube Music streaming service goes live this month

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YouTube Music, a new service that will take on the likes of Spotify and Apple, goes live next week. Listeners will be able to enjoy the service for free if they don’t mind their music interspersed with advertisements. An upgrade to YouTube Music Premium, priced at $9.99 a month, will remove those ads and allow … Read more

Best Android Phones This Early 2018

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With the anticipation of the latest Android phone release this 2018, we look back on the most amazing smartphone releases this early January and February 2018 and some of the best phones released last 2017. The most exciting Android phones are said to be released in the first half of 2018. We can’t wait what … Read more

Most Anticipated Android Games this 2018

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I know what you think about Everwing and Mobile Legends. But, what do you think about Final Fantasy XV and Attack on Titan final making their way to mobile? That’s right! Several renowned games from console and PC are going to make their debut on Android smartphones this 2018. I know you can’t wait to … Read more

Smart glasses are coming this year, and I’m not ready

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Roughly five years after the unveiling of Google Glass, it looks like hardware brands are getting close to bringing a consumer-friendly pair of smart glasses with an augmented reality display to the market. Rochester, New York-based Vuzix unveiled its Blade glasses at this year’s CES, and hopes to launch the consumer version for $ 1,000 … Read more