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Google for Brazil: Technology that serves people’s needs, wherever they may be

It’s a constant challenge to ensure that technology works well for people with different needs around the world, especially where connectivity is limited and basic smartphones are the main gateway to the internet. Today, at our second annual Google for Brazil event in São Paulo, we shared updates on how we’re making our products work better for people in Brazil—and elsewhere in the world. We also gave an update on our efforts to make the internet more inclusive, highlighting a new initiative in Brazil to empower women to succeed in a digital world.


There’s A New App That Locks Teens’ Phones Until They Reply To Parents’ Texts

children and young adults are continuously plugged in nowadays. however notwithstanding the reality that they continually have their faces glued to a screen, in case you’re a parent, you understand it can be surprisingly tough to get ahold of them.

nick herbert, a father in the uk, were given his son ben an iphone when he entered middle faculty, believing it’d be an easy way to keep in touch. however it didn’t move exactly as deliberate.
young adults are hard to attain

“i nevertheless can’t get hold of him very easily as it’s usually on silent due to the fact he’s [playing] games or has been at faculty and forgotten to turn the sound lower back on…

Why Retailers Need to be Utilizing Mobile Payments, and How They Can Choose Systems Wisely

While the ecommerce market has grown rapidly in recent years, and is set to continue to boom, the fact is that most retail transactions are still actually completed in bricks and mortar stores. However, as more and more consumers get used to the convenience and quick process of buying online, it’s imperative that retailers use every tool at their disposal to streamline transactions in store, and to offer customers an excellent experience at every touchpoint.


2017 brought VR cameras to everyone — in 2018 they might even use them

It’s been an exciting decade for video and still-photography cameras, but if we were to sum 2017 up as anything, it would be the year that virtual reality (VR) cameras became accessible to a much broader “prosumer” and consumer market. Previously, fliming footage in full 3D 360-degree VR was limited to those with deep pockets. VR cameras were the domain of movie studios and Silicon Valley startups hoping to def…

Is Your Online Valentine Who They Claim To Be? Here’s How To Find Out!

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to share with the special someone in your life. For many people, their special someone is a person they are getting to know through online dating. If you are in this situation and haven’t met this person face-to-face yet, do you really know they are who they claim to be? There are many people on dating sites that are scammers looking to prey on vulnerable people. If you are even questioning this, follow the tips below to find out if they are who they say they are or an imposter.


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Today’s unanswered question: Why do organizations think they are secure?

Recently I’ve been asking friends, colleagues and clients what they think are the most important unanswered questions in tech. I thank Ian Murphy, who works in the security industry, for the following conundrum:

“Why do companies with little or no real security experience think they know their environment better than anyone else? That is, because it’s ‘their”’ network, they feel best placed to identify attackers (even those with advanced techniques who hide in the normal traffic noise)?” 

It’s a good one. I’ve been working in IT for decades and I remain baffled how we lock up our houses, secure our vehicles, seal awa…

New Android Code discovery suggest Carriers could hide your Signal Strength if they want to

The developers at XDA recently have spotted a code snippet in the Android Open source project, that raises many eyebrows because it will soon in the future allow carriers to merely hide your phone’s signal strength of the carrier’s network when you pop-in the sim card. Yes, it can just disappear your network strength without any reason. Moreover, there is no proper explanation on why this is even present. Maybe some carriers have demanded to add this for some unknown fishy reasons.

The one reason we could think of is that it might just hide it from some malicious apps that tend to trigger any activity of consuming network bandwidth? Could be possible or maybe not. Howev…
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