Mapped network drives: How to delete them on Windows 10

If you’re wondering how to delete mapped network drives, or you have tried and they’re not going away, read on for solutions. Mapped drives are mounted drives on your computer, usually represented by a name, letter (such as A:, B: and so on), or number. Drive mapping is the process used by operating systems so […]

With the LG V30, removable batteries are officially dead. I’m going to miss them.

When Apple launched the original iPhone, it was ridiculed for not including a removable battery. 10 years later, it’s virtually impossible to find a flagship phone that does. LG was the last holdout, but now that the V30 is going with a sealed design too, there isn’t a single flagship phone from a major manufacturer that […]

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Videotapes Are Becoming Unwatchable As Archivists Work To Save Them

Most videotapes were recorded in the 1980s and ’90s, when video cameras first became widely available to Americans. Most of those VHS cassettes have become unwatchable, and others are quickly dying, too. Research suggests that tapes like this aren’t going to live beyond 15 to 20 years. NPR has a story about a group of […]

Want Drones to Fly Right? Make Them Hallucinate, MIT Prof Says

Want Drones to Fly Right? Make Them Hallucinate, MIT Prof Says MIT’s second-gen agile drone is based on Jetson TX2. Which brings us to hallucinations. Using an NVIDIA TITAN X-based workstation for photorealistic rendering, Karaman can fly Sparrow in an empty motion capture room while feeding it simulated … Read more on EVGA GeForce […]