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Aussies are hoarding old devices out of fear their data will be stolen

According to new research, the average Australian is particularly average when it comes to recycling their old electronics.  Not-for-profit E-waste recycling service TechCollect has found that 43-percent of Australians are holding onto their old tech “just in case”, and that just over half of those surveyed are worried they’ll lose their personal data or have […]


Mailbutler starts beta testing of their Gmail and Apple Mail extension

Berlin based Mailbutler GmbH today announced that the company is looking for active Gmail and Apple Mail users to test the latest beta version of their email plugin, which is scheduled for launch at the end of September. Mailbutler is a supercharged personal email assistant, which is now going to be available not only for […]

Samsung to Adopt 3D Touch for their Upcoming Note 8 and Passing on Under Display User Authentication

Samsung to Adopt 3D Touch for their Upcoming Note 8 and Passing on Under Display User Authentication This is likely why Samsung has passed on using their solution. Samsung Electronics had reportedly attempted to adopt the on-screen fingerprint solution for its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone earlier this year, but halted the development due to technological […]


Driving School 2017 Lets Users Earn their Car, Truck or Bus License

Ovilex Soft announces Driving School 2017, their exciting driving simulator for iOS and Android devices. Driving School 2017 features over 100 exciting vehicles to unlock, more than 15 maps to explore, and 80 increasingly challenging levels to experience. Special features include ultra-realistic controls, lifelike engine sounds, next-gen weather conditions, single and multi-player game modes, and […]

Two new infographs break down millennials, their spending habits, and their financial health

There has been a lot of press regarding my generation, the millennials, and how we’re spending our money, and, in turn, ruining many, many things. Apparently, our obscure spending habits have killed the napkin industry, casual dining restaurants (give us a better experience, maybe?), and to top it off, we supposedly can’t afford a home […]


Dawn Of Skynet? Facebook Shuts Down AI System After Bots Start Talking In Their Own Secret Language

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword. As we begin to make progress towards human-level AI, several developments and breakthroughs in the field of AI have begun to make waves. From self-driving cars to systems that understand human language, we have come a long way. But then, the eternal fear of AI surpassing human intelligence […]

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The best Microsoft programs killed before their time

Last week, Microsoft announced that it would be dropping its classic drawing app Microsoft Paint into the Recycle Bin with the launch of this year's Fall Creator's Update. Windows users reacted with horror and Microsoft performed a hasty U-turn, declaring that Paint would still be available to download and enjoy from the Microsoft Store. Other […]