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Analysts express their views for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 – Will it roll out this year?

Sony’s Play Station 4 and its sub-models seem to be getting old with as the enthusiast gamers are demanding more content filled games. Yes, there are some brilliant titles out there but they too have some limits and to cross those limits, one needs an updated hardware in the form of PlayStation 5.

ps4 pro Analysts express their views for Sonys upcoming PlayStation 5   Will it roll out this year?

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Dyson brings their “cyclonic” designs to India

Would you buy a silent hair dryer or a vacuum that claims to be as powerful as 15 cyclones?

Coming to India through 100 percent FDI route, Dyson has launched its latest products in Delhi. In fact, their first demo store opened in DLF Promenade Mall, New Delhi on the 15th of February. 

What's unique about the Dyson store is that they focus on solving problems. Thus, rather than just present their products to the consumer, they focus on providing an interactive experience. 

The 'demo experience' complements the Dyson methodology by encouraging users to pick up and test the technology that's available in their stores. The experts on-site will a…
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Amazon Is King: Will Their Reign Ever End?

Over the past few years, Amazon has been branching out into many different industries. Music, television, movies, technology, and even supermarkets, just to name a few. They’re most known for their Prime service and Echo smart speaker. It seems like there’s no stopping them, but will their reign ever end? Right now, it seems unlikely with all of their recent projects listed below.


Amazon & Health Care

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Amazon announced that it will joining Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorg…
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Apple Reveals That Among Their Users Only 65% Have Shifted Over To iOS 11

Apple just revealed that among all its users 65% are running on iOS 11. While the rest are still clinging to the older versions of iOS.

Looking at previous versions, the iOS 11 hasn’t made as great of an impact. Reason why only 65% of Apple users are running iOS 11 on their devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods. Aside from that only 28% are still running on iOS 10. While the rest well they are still running on an even older version of iOS.


Huawei to integrate Android Messages across their Android smartphone portfolio

Over the coming months, Huawei will make it even easier for hundreds of millions of people to express themselves via mobile messaging by integrating Android Messages, powered by RCS, across their Android smartphone portfolio.

With Android Messages and RCS messaging, Huawei devices will now offer a richer native messaging and communications experience. Features such as texting over Wi-Fi, rich media sharing, group chats, and typing indicators will now be a default part of the device. Messages from businesses will also be upgraded on Huawei’s devices through RCS business messaging. And Huawei users will be able to make video calls …