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Samsung patents a flying display that’s controlled by your eyes

Samsung’s latest patent is for a drone with an integrated display that’s able to detect the face and pupils of a person as well as their hand gestures and position. The patent shows a unit that features a display at the center with four propellers on each corner. It was first spotted by LetsGoDigital.

The patent describes a drone that can include a camera and observation system to transmit information to the main control unit. The system can …
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Opinion: HomePod’s hi-fi focus is Apple’s first serious dive into pro audio — and that’s smart

While some may argue that HomePod will fail in the market due to Siri’s performance compared to other voice assistants, many seem to discount the value of a smart speaker focused on high end sound quality. From the start, Apple has positioned HomePod as audio fidelity first, everything else second.

Based on a recent Reddit thread from r/audiophile, Apple has delivered on its hi-fi promise. Just like Apple has been praised for its displays on iPhones, iPads and Macs for being best-in-class and tuned to look …

The lamp that’s de-light-ful


Following the lines of the highly interactive and endlessly entertaining Quetzal Chair is the Quetzal Lamp, a light that invites you to interact with it… almost like a fidget toy of sorts. The Quetzal Lamp takes inspiration from the South American Quetzal bird’s plumage. Just like in the chair, the lamp comes with dual-colored individual paper members that can be fanned out or inwards in either clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. The double colo…
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Opera 48.0.2685.39-A browser that’s free, comprehensive and innovative

Opera is a free web browser that’s fast, rich in features and innovative. Far behind Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari in terms of numbers of users, Opera is, however, the equal of its competitors and offers you a browser that’s always at the forefront of technology.

Everything to let you surf easily

The Opera web browser offers all the features you need to happily surf the web. Speed Dial and Bookmarks pages
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Fitbit Ionic isn’t the Apple Watch, and that’s a good thing for fitness buffs

Fitbit was, for years, a company without an identity. Packaged and marketed for fitness aficionados, the products often felt behind other offerings, and without a clear place in the market. It wasn’t the cheapest, didn’t offer the most advanced features, and some of the company’s UX decisions left a lot to be desired. Fitbit’s new offering — and first true smartwatch — Ionic, seems to hit the sweet spot. Ionic looks like the Apple Watch, but only in the sense that it’s a band, an LCD screen, and a lightweight aluminum case, fused together with a nano-molding …
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