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Soak test shows Motorola is bringing Android Oreo 81 update to Moto G5S Plus

It seems that Moto G5S Plus (Review) was never getting an Android Oreo 8.0 update. A number of users reportedly have started to receive the Android Oreo 8.1 update on their devices. Noteworthy is that an Android Oreo 8.0 OS was never seen installed on this model in the wild, which means the company is skipping over 8.0 Oreo update for this device. The 1.18GB update bears version number OPP28.60 and is a part of a soak test which is currently underway in Brazil. Not everyone will get access to it at the moment as the soak test is like a beta peri…
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Amazon delivery drone may use lights and music when it shows up at your home

Amazon noted in its latest patent that its customers “may be alarmed or confused” when one of its noisy delivery drones approaches their property. With that in mind, it’s come up with a few possible solutions.

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Bill Gates shows how the flu could kill more than 30 million people

Two of the biggest names in tech have joined forces to help bring an end to the flu. Bill Gates and Larry Page pledged $ 12 million to researchers working to develop a universal vaccine for the flu. In order to demonstrate the dangers of the virus, Gates has released a simulation of the virus’ effects.

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Moto Z3 Play shows all of its sides in new leak

Back at the start of 2018, a leak claimed to give us an early look at several of Motorola’s 2018 devices. Now one of those phones has leaked again, but this time we’re getting a much better look at it.

The Moto Z3 Play is the subject of the latest image leak from Evan Blass. The renders show the Moto Z3 Play with considerably slimmer bezels than last year’s Moto Z2 Play. Around back we can see the pins that enable the Moto Z phones to use Moto Mods as well as what may be a dual rear camera setup.

HTC’s latest event teaser shows parts of an iPhone 6

HTC is teasing their latest event with an image of smartphone parts surrounding a date. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a nice image. But you’d think HTC would use its own phone internals to tease an upcoming phone. Preferably U12+ internals, but any recent HTC phone internals would do.

But that’s not how HTC do. This teaser contains a collection of iPhone 6 internals. Just check out the above image next to iFixit’s teardown of the iPhone 6.


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Study shows that users are more loyal to Android than iOS

Despite the fact that the new Galaxy S9 of Samsung does not quite live up to iPhone X when it comes to its implementation of a Face ID-style system as well as its strange take on AR emoji, study shows that users are more loyal to Android than iOS. This shows that Android users aren’t switching to iPhone anytime soon. Android users, as it turns out, have higher loyalty compared to iOS users based on a new report from a research firm known as Consumer Intelligence Research Partners or CIRP.

CIRP found that the Android brand loyalty has been going on since early 2016 and remains at the highest levels ever seen. Just today, research found that Android has 91% loyalty rate compared to…
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Obama Could Produce New Shows For Netflix

Netflix and former President Barack Obama are potentially going to work together on new TV shows. The New York Times reports today that Obama is in “advanced negotiations” with Netflix to create a “series of high-profile shows.” NYT’s report is based on unspecified sources.

As part of the deal, Netflix would pay Obama and his wife, Michelle, an unspecified fee for new TV shows. According to the report, Obama’s shows will focus on “inspirational stories” instead of responding to President Trump or conservative policy.

“President and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire,” Obama’s former senior adviser Eric Schultz told NYT. “As they co…
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Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 shows signs of enterprise upgrading

A small boost in Windows 10’s user share over the last several months is likely a signal that businesses have finally begun migrating to the new operating system, an analysis of new data shows.

Data published yesterday by California-based Net Applications said that Windows 10 actually slipped two-tenths of a percentage point in user share – the portion of all personal computer owners who ran the operating system – during February, ending the month powering 34.1% of the world’s PCs and 38.9% of all systems running an edition of Microsoft’s OS. (The second number is larger than the first because Windows accounted for 87.7% of all operating syst…
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Research shows when your Apple product is likely to bite the dust

If you want to know how much life you’ll get out of your new Apple product, an analyst for Asymco has estimated the average life of your next device. Researcher Horace Dedlu determined lifespan by using the number of active devices and the cumulative total of products sold. The former number, revealed during Apple’s Q1 financial call last month, has only been disclosed once before. When you subtract the number of active devices from the total number sold, the remaining number is the amount of products that have been retired in a quarter. Dedlu contends that fig…
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