Opinion: Apple needs to include a fast charging power adapter with the iPhone

It’s well known that Apple puts a lot of energy and focus into creating an amazing user experience with its products and services, and this can be seen in many ways across Apple’s ecosystem of hardware and software. However, one area where Apple has continued to offer a sub par experience is the charging solution it […]

Opinion: Google HTC Deal More About Android Harmony Than Disruption

So Google has purchased HTC. Well not really but that is what many had been expecting to happen with speculation on the topic running riot just a matter of days, even hours, ago. Instead, the announcement that did come through seemed tame by comparison. One which did not have the venom many had been expecting, […]

Dell XPS 13 2-In-1 Is No Surface Pro 4 Or MacBook Pro Alternative [Opinion]

Dell XPS 13 2-In-1 Is No Surface Pro 4 Or MacBook Pro Alternative [Opinion] The following article is entirely the opinion of Daryl Deino and does not reflect the views of the Inquisitr. The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 looks almost exactly like the non-tablet version of the XPS 13. [Image by Daryl Deino] The 2-in-1 […]


Opinion: Apple might introduce facial-recognition in future iPhones but fingerprints will remain

It seems pretty clear by this stage that Apple is working on a near-bezel-free design for the iPhone 8. Not only have we heard consistent reports supporting this idea – and Jony Ive’s ambitions of a ‘single slab of glass’ design –… 9to5Mac