LG OLED55B6V Pro Reviews

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Review: LG OLED55B6V

Review: LG OLED55B6V The appeal of the LG OLED55B6 is brutally but brilliantly simple: it’s LG’s cheapest Ultra HD OLED TV of 2016. Which for most households will mean that it’s their best shot at getting their hands on LG’s latest – and easily greatest – take on … Read more on techlone.com

LG OLED55B6V Review: Firmware Update Improves PQ

LG OLED55B6V Review: Firmware Update Improves PQ Just like the LG 65E6 we tested several months ago, the OLED55B6 was initially displaying HDR10 images from 4K Blu-ray movies in a brighter manner than the luminance levels specified by SMPTE’s ST.2084 standard, presumably to create the impression of a … Read more on HDTVtest