This week on AI: Fears for iPhone 8 & X numbers, cheaper 2018 iPhones, KRACK fix & more

Much of this week’s news revolved around the iPhone 8 and X — in particular, fears that the 8 isn’t selling as well as hoped, and that production won’t meet demand for the X. Some potentially good news, though, was a rumor that next year’s iPhones will be somewhat cheaper. … AppleInsider – Frontpage News

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Firefox’s blazing speed with huge numbers of tabs leaves Chrome in the dust

As you may be aware, Chrome has something of a reputation for being a resource hog, and rival Firefox is aiming to hit Google’s browser in this potential Achilles heel with news that it has hugely streamlined memory usage when lots of tabs are open. And we mean lots of tabs. As Mozilla developer Dietrich […]

Some OnePlus 5 owners reporting reboots when calling emergency numbers

Some OnePlus 5 owners reporting reboots when calling emergency numbers Several Reddit users have corroborated facing similar issues on their OnePlus 5 units. It goes without saying that … stake by 38,789 shares to 131,250 valued at $ 4.15 million in 2016Q4. The Firm offers three product lines: Ultracapacitors, High-Voltage … Read more on


Twitter warns phone numbers & emails associated w/ Vine accounts were briefly made public

Twitter announced earlier this year that its micro video sharing service Vine would transition into a simple camera app. Despite the transition, however, Twitter today is alerting Vine users that a bug briefly made phone numbers and emails associated with Vine accounts publicly visible… more…