Windows 10 gets a nifty new hook-up with your Android phone

Microsoft has pushed out a new preview build of Windows 10, with some smart added features including the ability to send links from your Android smartphone to a PC, and added voice commands for Cortana.

Build 16251 allows you to link your Android handset to your PC (under Settings > Phone), whereupon you’ll install an app on the phone allowing for cross-device browsing (after you’ve logged into the Microsoft account you’re using on the PC).

Then, when you’re browsing a site on your mobile, you can use the ‘share…’ option and send the link directly to your PC – with it either opening straightaway on the computer, or you…
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Review: NIFTY Mobile Charger


There are a lot of accessory categories in the iPhone and iPad ecosystem that have become commoditized to the point where they often have so few distinguishing features that they’re not worth reviewing. In the last year or so, external battery packs have solidly landed in this category, and as a result we’ve moved most of them into our Gear section, providing a few photos and a basic overview of their specs. However, every once in a while, a product comes along that offers something extra, and is thus still worth a closer look; NIFTY’s new Mobile Char…
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