NASA Shares Ways to Stream the 2017 Solar Eclipse on iOS and Apple TV


On Monday, August 21, all of the continental United States will have the chance to view a solar eclipse, and depending on where you’re located you might even be able to see a total solar eclipse. The eclipse’s “path of totality” — or the shadow of the moon as it moves in front of the sun — will begin in Oregon and end in South Carolina, and anyone sitting outside the path will be witness to a partial solar eclipse.

For this reason, NASA is launching a suite of streaming programs covering the best views of the eclipse and its path of totality, giving anyone a chance to watch on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV, particularly those who live far away from the path of to…
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Four Coolest Concepts NASA Just Bankrolled to Solve Spaceflight Challenges

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A smart trash bag. A contaminant-resistant spacesuit. These proposals, and over 100 more, have been funded by NASA for development.

Like some eminent love offspring of Shark Tank and Cosmos, NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program intends to store visionary space investigation recommendations sourced from independent ventures. The thought is to goad development in the private part while likewise quickening the correct sorts of innovative advances that NASA needs to achieve its elevated objectives in space, including reusing frameworks, lightweight materials, and independent spaceflight instruments.

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