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Healthcare CIO advocates a faster move to the cloud

With more than 35 years of health IT experience, UC Irvine Health CIO Chuck Podesta has witnessed the dramatic evolution of IT as well as the impact that technology has had in transforming medical operations and patient care. That said, Podesta believes the healthcare industry still lags in certain areas, particularly in its adoption of […]

Move forward… look backward!

It seems rather strange that the bicycle doesn’t come equipped with the basic accessories that motorbikes do. For example a brake (tail) light, indicators, or even rear view mirrors. Even with the relatively slower speeds of bicycles, compared to motorbikes, accidents do occur and can be pretty ugly. Here’s the RearViz, your hand-mounted convex rear […]


Apple’s move into India ‘almost a done deal’

Apple is close to finalizing its negotiations with the Indian government over a local manufacturing facility, according to a new report. The company confirmed on Wednesday that it had enjoyed a “constructive” meeting with Indian officials after issuing a list of demands for its move. Now a source with knowledge of the matter says “it’s […]