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Hackers Execute $62 Million NiceHash Cryptocurrency Market Heist As Bitcoin Passes $13,000

When it comes to today's cryptocurrencies, it sometimes seems although we're operating in the Wild Wild West. Such is the case today with...
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PC market to slump in 2018 but hybrids like Microsoft Surface remain a bright...

A major analyst firm is predicting that sales of PCs will drop by 2.7% for 2017 (compared to the previous year), and things are...
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GPS Auto Steer: Innovating in a Mature Market

GPS Auto Steer: Innovating in a Mature Market In the world of Big IRON, GPS auto steer has closely mirrored the evolutionary path of consumer...

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

5 Essentials of a Machine Learning Resume

As a machine learning professional, your expertise may lie in devising predictive models to observe data models.  However, when...