Google Play Protect aims to block malicious apps


Apps and games are ridiculously popular, but unfortunately they can be used as a means to get malicious software onto a smartphone or tablet. Google has been working to keep that kind of software away from users for some time, but today they are taking yet another step towards the ultimate goal of keeping Android devices safe.

Google has launched Google Play Protect, and it’s rolling out beginning today. The new feature will be present on all Android devices running Google Mobile Services 11 or newer. Users can find it on their device by going into Settings –> Google –> Security –> Google Play Protect. If it’s there, then it will begin auto…
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Dvmap Malware Injects Malicious Code Into System Files


Malware in the mobile space has finally made the leap into full-on code injection, thanks to Dvmap. Found by Kapersky, Dvmap is believed to be the very first malware for Android to ever hide a malicious payload, and then unleash it and directly inject it into a device’s system files. This is accomplished through clever hiding of files and use of encryption, and means that the infection will survive removal with root tools, and even a factory reset. Only a complete reformat of the system can cure a case of Dvmap that has run its full course. Since very few manufacturers’ tools have leaked onto the internet for everyday users to use, and since a very small swath of the Android d… |