Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal had a long, complicated history

2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sportwagen photographed in Washington, DC, USA. (credit: IFCAR) This story originally ran October 8, 2015, just a few weeks after it was discovered that new diesel Volkswagens and Audis ran undisclosed software that allowed the cars to cheat on their US federal emissions tests. This week was the two-year anniversary of […]

So long, Cassini: how NASA’s doomed space probe changed everything we know about Saturn

On 15 September, one of NASA's greatest space probes will destroy itself. After thirteen fruitful years studying Saturn, its stunning rings and many of its 62 strange moons, the Cassini space probe is being steered towards the giant planet itself. The first probe to spend any kind of time at Saturn, Cassini – a joint […]


Lack of iPad Pro Smart Connector Accessories Blamed on Long Wait Times for Components

Fast Company published a report this week exploring why third-party accessories that make use of Apple’s Smart Connector remain few and far between, almost two years after the connector first debuted on the iPad Pro. The magnetic Smart Connector allows the iPad Pro to communicate with and power compatible accessories, like the company’s own Smart […]


Vikings Season 5 Release Date And Spoilers: A Civil War To Take Place, Premiere Episode To Be Two-Hour Long

Vikings season 4 concluded on February 1, 2017, and fans of the hit TV series have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive since then. The previous season was considered as the best Vikings season so far as it was filled with thrilling moments, and the next season is said to be even […]

How long do you think Google should wait between major Android releases? [Poll]

With Android, Google has pretty much nailed down a yearly release schedule. First, the company announces the upcoming version and releases a developer preview sometime near March. Then, it reveals more information about the update at I/O in the summer, and finally releases the stable build in the fall near October. Is this too small of a turnaround time […]

Dell Latitude 7280 Review: Lightweight Laptop With a Combo of Speed and Long Battery Life [Video]

Dell Latitude 7280 Review: Lightweight Laptop With a Combo of Speed and Long Battery Life [Video] Need a small, flexible laptop with all-day battery life? Check out this 13.3-inch XPS 13 laptop from Dell. It has more than enough processing power to get real… Taiwanese hardware and electronics corporation Acer has launched a convertible laptop […]