Review: Moto Z2 Play is Lenovo’s lean, mean, long-lasting modular machine [Video]


By far, the most common gripe about today’s smartphones is that they don’t last long enough. Consumers clamor for a bigger battery, even at the cost of added thickness, yet manufacturers continue to do the opposite, making phones thinner and offering the same or an even smaller capacity battery.

The new Moto Z2 Play is no exception; it sheds a millimeter from its already crazy-thin predecessor, and shrinks the battery by 15%. For years, the Play tag has symbolized great endurance, so on the surface this sounds like a …

This is what Lenovo’s Moto Z2 Play could look like

This is what Lenovo’s Moto Z2 Play could look like

Motorola will present the successors to its Moto Z series in a few months. After the images of the Moto Z2 were leaked recently, now it’s its cousin the Moto Z2 Play’s turn to appear in press releases. There doesn’t seem to be much to sing and dance about …
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