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LEGO The Incredibles

Coming to PS4 (version tested), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Traveller’s Tales has been making LEGO titles for decades now. Beginning with the likes of LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones exploded into a seemingly never-ending list of licensed experiences spanning films, comic books and whatever else fits the lovable, blocky style. At their core, each game follows the same formula, and LEGO The Incredibles is no different.

Nevertheless, it’s still shows signs of being an enjoyable adventure suitable for children and adults alike. This marks the first time Traveller’s …
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 review

In the back of any good comics shop, past the towers of Funko Pop vinyl figures and BB-8 bobbleheads, you will find the good stuff: longboxes stuffed with back issues. Serious collectors know that the chances of finding anything valuable in a longbox are extraordinarily slim. But there can still be treasure here. Maybe you’ll turn up an old Marvel Two-in-One, the clobbering-centric team-up book starring The Thing. Or a foil-covered Punisher 2099, part of Marvel’s short-lived far-future offshoot where ‘shock’ has become the s…

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Available on Xbox One, PS4 (version tested), PC, Nintendo Switch

I’m not alone in thinking that TT Games and its Lego series don’t always get the respect that either deserve. For all the talk about the games being formulaic, each maintains a tricky balance between staying true to what fans expect from the brand and bringing in enough new features to keep things exciting. With maybe the odd exception, TT Games has also kept the quality level high, each game bringing its own distinct feel to the Lego style, each game respecting the universe it plays in, and each, more often than not, improving on the last.

Buy Lego Mar…
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Lego Life is a social network that encourages kids to share their creations

Lego Life is a social network tailor-made for kids ages 7-12. It features innovative filtering technologies that ensure a safe environment, plus fun games and activities that encourage kids to play with Legos.

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