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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 450 Platform Jumps to 14nm Process

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 450 Platform Jumps to 14nm Process

The Snapdragon 660 succeeds the 653, while the 630 succeeds the 626. Qualcomm today announced new Snapdragon application processors for mid-range and volume mobile devices. The Snapdragon 653, Snapdragon 626, and Snapdragon 427 are all paired with Qualcomm …
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IDG Contributor Network: Twilio jumps on the serverless bandwagon

News from the second day of Twilio’s annual developer conference, Signal. While yesterday’s big news focused around end-user functionality (in particular speech recognition and understanding), today’s news is more down in the weeds but no less important for a company at the cutting edge of the developer experience.

You see developers are, by nature, tinkerers and like to experiment with new stuff. Sometimes this is simply professional interest, but often it’s because of an almost pathological desire to do things effectively, efficiently and elegantly. A case in point is the current developer move towards serverless technologies. First commer…
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Lloyds Bank jumps onboard Microsoft’s Windows Hello secure payment tech

Allowing users to ditch their passwords completely, Microsoft has joined forces with the Lloyds Banking Group to pioneer new, quicker, and safer security options that let you make payments with your face – i.e. Windows Hello via Windows 10.

Building on the biometrics that allow users to unlock their machines using fingerprint or facial recognition software, certain Windows 10 users will soon be able to log-in to their online banking accounts using nothing more than their own mug.

Don’t go getting too excited though, the era of “The 6th Day” style payments are still some way off.

Lloyds has confirmed that it won’t start trialling the fea…
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