Report: Apple to Funnel Megabucks Into Original TV Content Development

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Apple reportedly has decided to put more than $ 1 billion toward the acquisition and development of original programming, part of a long-awaited rollout of a new television and film experience. The investment will leverage Apple’s thus far underwhelming Apple TV business, bolstering its core video and music library to fulfill the promise of disrupting traditional television and film studios, as well as traditional cable and satellite providers. The move is consistent with Apple’s historic pattern of waiting for a market to develop….

Travel Into Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’s In-Game Market


Travel Into Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’s In-Game Market

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is getting an in-game market that will allow you to quickly upgrade your Shadow Of War characters if you choose Note that I mention “players who choose to opt into it” as this is not a required aspect of Shadow Of War but …

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Researchers inject malware into DNA to hack a computer

Hackers have used all sorts of attack vectors to gain control of someone else’s computer, from USB drives to phishy emails. Now, researchers from the University of Washington predict that we might one day see viruses infect systems through DNA. It’s a far-fetched case, but still worth thinking about. The group of scientists who are looking into this at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering explain in its paper that it’s possible to bake malware into a genetic molecule and have it infect a system that’s used to analyze it. This method could be…
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News: International Trade Commission looks into Qualcomm’s request to ban US iPhone imports


The U.S. International Trade Commission has announced it is investigating Qualcomm’s claims that Apple devices violate its patents, the latest front in Apple’s ongoing legal war with the chipmaker. Qualcomm asked the ITC to ban imports of iPhones into the U.S. in May, and the commission said it will set a target date for the completion of the investigation within 45 days. WHile the back and forth in the courts could take years, the ITC… …
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Disney May Split Out Star Wars and Marvel Into Standalone Streaming Services


During its quarterly earnings report yesterday, Disney revealed that it plans to remove all of its content from Netflix and debut a streaming service of its own in 2019. The announcement didn’t make clear which exact Disney-related pieces of content might be found within that service, but more information from the earnings report has been shared today by TechCrunch, with Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioning Marvel and Star Wars could get their own streaming services down the line.

This means that the 2019 service would be related to Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar films like Lilo and Stitch, Zootopia, Moana, and Finding Dory (all of…
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Deezer Integrates Google Home Into Its Music Streaming Tool


Music streaming provider Deezer has just added a Google Home support to its Android app in a bid to help users play and listen to music by using voice command. With the integration of the Google Assistant-powered smart speaker into the Internet-based music streaming service, listeners can now start using Deezer in a hands-free mode and customize their music experience by just telling the smart assistant the songs that they would want to hear.

Users will also be able to instruct Google Assistant to play their personal Flow sound track, provided they have already created an account with Deezer so that the personal assistant will be able to automatically recognize their voice. Deezer&… |

Apple’s A11 SoC goes into production in late April

Apple’s A11 SoC goes into production in late April

TSMC needs to improve yield rates on 10nm firstThe folks at Boston-based BlueFin Research Partners have recently given some much-needed commentary on the state of 10nm chip production at TSMC for Apple’s next-generation iPhone units.For the past three …

UE65KS9500 not switching into HDR mode when playing HDR content via the built-in Netflix app

UE65KS9500 not switching into HDR mode when playing HDR content via the built-in Netflix app

I have a Samsung UE65KS9500 (UK Model) which not switching into HDR colour mode when playing 4K HDR content via the built-in Netflix app. When I purchased the TV in October 2016 it did switch into HDR mode. The built-in Amazon app works fine and switches …