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Our report today is on Samsung’ newest T5 2TB and 500GB SSDs, and at this point in the game, few might argue that Samsung sets the industry standard in all that is SSD. Including a 2TB capacity into their newest T5 release, as they did for the T3 prior, one might say that 2TB is …

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Polish Company – XTPL Presents Prototype of the Laboratory Printer Which Allows to Print Ultra-thin Conductive Lines and Wins the Most Important Printed Electronics Industry Award, POLAND, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — XTPL is a Polish enterprise developing the cutting-edge technology of cost-effective printing of nanomaterials that can revolutionize the production of solar cells and displays. XTPL’s lab printer has had its first-ever presentation at the…

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Tech Industry Reacts to Trump’s Immigration Order

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned from President Trump’s business advisory council amid fierce blowback against the recent executive order on immigration, and in the wake of reports that several major Silicon Valley firms, including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google, have been circulating a draft letter…