Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal had a long, complicated history

2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sportwagen photographed in Washington, DC, USA. (credit: IFCAR) This story originally ran October 8, 2015, just a few weeks after it was discovered that new diesel Volkswagens and Audis ran undisclosed software that allowed the cars to cheat on their US federal emissions tests. This week was the two-year anniversary of […]


Today in Apple history: Apple stock smashes through $700

September 17, 2012: On the back of record iPhone 5 pre-orders of 2 million in 24 hours, Apple’s stock price hits a new all-time high. For the first time in history, AAPL breaks the $700 mark in after-hours trading, cementing Cupertino’s place as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company. Amazingly, the new record is […]

Android version history 113 Success Secrets – 113 Most Asked Questions On Android version history – What You Need To Know

Android version history 113 Success Secrets – 113 Most Asked Questions On Android version history – What You Need To Know Your Complete Android version history Guide. There has never been a Android version history Guide like this. It contains 113 answers, much more than you can imagine; comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, […]


AppleInsider podcast talks about the history of the professional Mac, and Apple’s pro software

This week on a special live edition of the AppleInsider podcast, Dan and Victor talk about the history of the professional Mac hardware, the history of pro software, and what happens next, all recorded from a gathering of professional users at Adorama in New York City. … AppleInsider | podcast


Today in Apple history: 1997’s ‘MacBook Air’ weighed 4.4 pounds

May 8, 1997: Apple launches the PowerBook 2400c laptop, a 4.4 pound “subnotebook” that’s the MacBook Air of its day. The PowerBook 2400c both predicts the future rise of speedy, lightweight notebooks, while also paying tribute to Apple’s past with a design that echoes the original PowerBook 100 in appearance. Even years later, it remains […]


Today in Apple history: Gizmodo tears down a lost iPhone 4 prototype

April 20, 2010: A day after the most high-profile iPhone leak in history, Gizmodo dissects a prototype iPhone 4, publishing the teardown and showing the world exactly what’s inside the soon-to-be-released device. The iPhone 4 prototype, accidentally left in a bar by 27-year-old Apple software engineer Gray Powell, quickly becomes the biggest story in the […]

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Congress Won’t Protect Your Browsing History, So Do It Yourself With NordVPN For Under $4 Per Month

One day, we might get representatives in Washington that value their constituents’ privacy over corporate profits, but until then, it’s as good a time as any to sign up for a VPN service. Luckily, it costs less per month than a typical trip to Starbucks. Read more… … Lifehacker


iCloud secretly stores your deleted Safari history for years

iCloud has been caught storing “deleted” browser history from Safari for well over a year. Even after users clear their data, it can be found in iCloud using software that’s readily available to anyone. But has Apple been quickly trying to clear its tracks? Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Russian software company ElcomSoft, stumbled across his own […]