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Xbox: Here’s All Your Data That Microsoft May Share With Publishers

Microsoft, like Sony before it, is taking steps to be more transparent about the data it collects from Xbox users and in detailing what...
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Ransomware Attacks Rose Rapidly in 2017: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data

Unless you avoided reading or listening to the news last year (and with everything going on in the world who can blame you), you...
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Here’s DeX Pad, the Dock That Turns Your Galaxy Phone Into a Touchpad

Over the last few months, we learned Samsung was readying a ... Droid Life
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Here’s Your First Look at the New Version of Apple’s AirPods

In yet another leak sourced from the iOS 11 GM, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has uncovered a render of the new version of Apple's AirPods....

Here’s what caused the OnePlus 5 emergency number bug

OnePlus has fixed the 911 bug for the OnePlus 5 quickly. They worked with Qualcomm to solve the issue that cropped up for a...

OnePlus 4 (5?): Here’s what an aspiring OnePlus 4 buyer can expect from iPhone...

OnePlus 4 (5?): Here's what an aspiring OnePlus 4 buyer can expect from iPhone 7 killer OnePlus 4 is expected to be unveiled this coming...
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VR is coming to eSports in a big way: here’s what you need to...

We’ve seen a huge growth in the popularity of eSports in recent times – to the point where big games have been covered on...
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AR you ready? Here’s why Apple can win augmented reality

Apple is finally taking on its biggest rivals in an arena where it's up until now sat on the sidelines: augmented reality. The tech giant...

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5 Essentials of a Machine Learning Resume

As a machine learning professional, your expertise may lie in devising predictive models to observe data models.  However, when...