How to make Allo for web look identical to Google Hangouts


While many in the Android and Google-fan communities used and loved (well, sometimes loved) Hangouts for messaging others from mobile and desktop, Google is now shifting the app’s focus to enterprise. In its place is Allo, which only started working on the web this week. Although we can’t help you get Hangouts back, we can help you make Allo look similar to the Hangouts web client…



Google removing SMS support from Hangouts on May 22


Lately Google has been transitioning Hangouts, its once go-to messaging platform, into something more focused for enterprise users.

That trend continues with the latest confirmation that SMS support will eventually be axed from Hangouts. Google has confirmed that once May 22 rolls around, SMS support for Hangouts will be removed, which means Hangouts users will no longer be able to respond to standard text messages through the app.

Over the next few weeks, Hangouts users will see a pop-up notification in Hangouts that tells them “SMS is moving out of Hangouts,” and then gives them the option to choose another app on their phone to handle standard text messaging….
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You should probably start looking for an alternative to Hangouts


The dream of mobile messaging without SMS is dead. At least, for now.

Hangouts is dropping SMS support on May 22, according to an email sent to G Suite administrators. Starting March 27, Hangouts users will get a message explaining the change so there’s time to choose a new app. Weirdly, Google is trying to frame this feature removal as an improvement.

Last year, we announced several improvements to the most popular features of Google Hangouts, such as the new video meetings experience and better group chat me…
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