The Various Mechanics Are Hidden Behind An Amazing Escape Room Experience!

Players enjoying the baffling mechanics of an escape room

If you are a game enthusiast, then you must be very well aware of the unique methodology of gaming adventures. Every amusement center amalgamates the right combination of techniques in order to make their adventures stand out.    We all are aware of the growing popularity of escape room games. These action-thriller adventures tranquilize the player’s … Read more

What to Do During the Lockdown: Art, Casinos, and Games


So, you are not allowed out of your house for some time because of the COVID-19 pandemic and you’re probably wondering what you’ll do with yourself. Sure, there’s Netflix, Spotify, PlayStation, YouTube, TV, and the internet… so, you’re good to go, right? Well, maybe not because you’d be surprised how quickly you will become bored … Read more

Top 20 Most Awaited Upcoming Games of 2020

Marvel Avengers

Every year, thousands of games are released for different devices like PC, PSP, Xbox, and Android phones. Most of these games are good, but there are only a few which makes an impact on our lives, Like the amazing gaming titles that came out this year, there are some upcoming games of 2020 that are … Read more

6 Emerging Math Games for Students

Math Games for Students

To engage your students in a math class, playing some fun games is the best way. You can interest and challenge students in solving different math problems. Everyone loves to play games, and your students will also take a keen interest if you make them play exciting math games. You can play different games like … Read more

Best Facebook Games to Play in 2019

CPL Tournament

Best Facebook Games to Play in 2019 Social games have become popular over the last few years, and with Facebook, game developers have found new ways to tap into the social circle to create addictive gameplay. Facebook gamer accounts for at least 25% of Facebook’s monthly active users. This is huge, considering Facebook has more … Read more

11 Upcoming Games That Are Going to Take the Child Out in You

Upcoming Games

“It doesn’t matter what your age is, if you’re a gaming freak, you’ll remain a gaming freak all of your life.” – Anonymous True saying!!! Once video games become a part of your childhood, you will always have a soft corner for games all your life. Video games have seen significant development in the last … Read more

How to Build a Video Wall for Gaming


Over the years, gamers have been on a constant search for revolutionary gaming experiences. One thing with gaming is that you basically cannot get enough. Whether it’s split screen, additional mouse buttons, 4k high end resolution display all the way to back lights in controllers and keyboards, the gold rush never ends. In fact, gaming … Read more

Why Minecraft Become So Popular ?

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft was first introducing in 2011 by Mojang with a type of sandbox video game. This game was created by Swedish game developer Notch also knows as Markus Alexej Persson. In this game (Minecraft PE Free Download), players are allowed to build the blocks in 3D procedurally generated the world in varieties. Minecraft games require … Read more