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Future Technologies and the Impact on Mobile Workforces and Their Devices


Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensors will be the technology trends most impacting mobile workforces over the next 12 months, say mobile technology buyers in the latest research from Panasonic. When asked to rate the importance of technology trends for use by their mobile workforce, buyers rated … Continue reading

Future Smartphones May be Made of Wood

It is no surprise that smartphone developers are looking at several angles to deliver the best product to their consumers. But, we’re currently looking at something that is very unusual, yet can happen. Future smartphones might be switching from metal casing to superwood. If some people love to have superficial … Continue reading

A future version of Android will offer a dark theme

UPDATE: Google now says that its confirmation about an upcoming dark mode was a “miscommunication with the team that handles AOSP issues”. What will be added is a developer feature to toggle night mode for app testing. Now that smartphones primarily use OLED displays (even LG has made the switch!), … Continue reading

Voice assistants promise a light-fingered future

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Tomorrow’s digital interface may be even more revolutionary than the pinching, tapping and scrolling heralded by the smartphone: voice commands promise to unify and tame our digital lives…. Technology News – New Technology, Internet News, Software, Semiconductor, Telecom, Computer Science