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Swarming: The New Future of Data Storage

Decentralized Data Storage Systems Are Changing Computing Managing data better is on a lot of businesses’ minds lately. Whether it’s because of the new GDPR regulation, the increasing threat of cyberattacks or the exponentially...

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HP: Reimagining the Future

I got a view of the future when I visited HP’s Innovation Center in Barcelona, Spain, last week. The company has made some aggressive moves to blend its printing and imaging technologies to create...


3 key AI benefits for the future of work

SPONSORED: Presented by Adobe We are in a period of breakneck and breakthrough digital transformation, driven by a massive marketplace shift — namely, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Incredibly, though, as this technology...

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Future Wear

If one MIT researcher has his way, our fabric could be the next great technological frontier…. Technology


Future Smartphones May be Made of Wood

It is no surprise that smartphone developers are looking at several angles to deliver the best product to their consumers. But, we’re currently looking at something that is very unusual, yet can happen. Future...