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How to get a good laptop deal this Black Friday

By now, you’re almost certainly familiar with Black Friday: it’s a day (and following weekend) which sees some massively tempting discounts applied to all manner of technology and gadgets. And naturally that includes Windows laptops (or those running other operating systems, which we’ll touch on briefly here, too). Indeed, expensive pieces of hardware, particularly premium […]


Friday 5: ScreenFlow 7 adds dark mode, custom hotkeys, Intel Quick Sync support, and more [Video]

In this week’s edition of Friday 5, we take a look at ScreenFlow 7 — a major update to the previous version of the popular screen recording and editing app. ScreenFlow 7 features brand new export options, a newly-implemented dark mode interface, support for custom hotkey mapping, and much more. Have a look at five […]

Friday 5: Everything you wanted to know about my phone [Video]

A lot of you have been asking the same questions in the comments of our videos lately. Some have asked about cases, some about widgets… In fact, I’ve answered so many questions about my wallpaper since the last time I changed it that some commenters are even starting to answer others for me, which has […]

B2B Black Friday 2017: everything you need to know about business deals

  Don't think that Black Friday is a purely consumer-focused event. Increasingly over the past few years, startups, micro-enterprises and small businesses have benefited from the massive price cuts that happen around this period. This could save them thousands of Pounds off products and services they would normally have bought anyway; savings are often amplified […]

Verizon Offers Red iPhone 7/7 Plus, New iPad And 128GB iPhone SE On Trade-In Deals Starting Friday

Verizon Offers Red iPhone 7/7 Plus, New iPad And 128GB iPhone SE On Trade-In Deals Starting Friday … up includes the red model of the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and the 32GB/128GB Apple iPhone SE. Also included will be the new 9.7-inch iPad, which replaces the Apple iPad Air 2 in silver, gold and space […]


Should Apple give iPhone 8 a mini Touch Bar? [Friday Night Fights]

The jury’s still out on whether the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar is a useful upgrade or a fancy gimmick. But according to recent rumors, Apple is already planning to bring similar functionality to this year’s iPhone 8. To make this happen, the company would almost certainly have to drop Touch ID. Would a mini Touch […]